Costa Coffee Scrumptious Wraps

Costa Coffee launches its next delicate and scrumptious CostaWraps in veg and non-veg both. I had great time with the wraps and its yumm flavor is fab. The uncompromising taste of the wraps was dynamic and made me feel hungry every bite I took.

moroccan-tofu-and-grilled-veggie-wrapThe speciality and the latest add on at the Costa Coffee is real bliss every time you put in your mouth.


The Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie Wrap


This is something I need to have always to pamper my stomach. Moroccan Tofu with grilled veggie wrap relishes the exotic International flavor. In the wraps there was stuffing of lip-smacking different flavored sauces. Moroccan Tofu and grilled veggie wrap comprises of tortilla bread stuffed with Moroccan marinated bean curd chunks and the grilled veggies tossed inside the wrap with the flavorsome Moroccan sauce. It is high on proteins and great alternative for healthy lunch option as well as can be served as snack as well. It is good fulfilling snack anytime hunger strikes. I loved it to the core.


Chicken Seekh Kebab Wrap

Chicken Seekh Kebab Wrap is impeccable in flavor as it flaunts the new twist in flavor than normal. Chicken Seekh Kebab wrap is made of succulent Chicken kebab at the core along with the veggies tossed in creamy Arabic sauce that is well blended and wrapped up in tortilla bread. The whole mix is the mark of special attention.


My Favourite

I have tested in Costa Coffee lot of different recipe like huge signature dark chocolate muffins, gourmet sandwiches and cold coffee with full of ices but my favorite is Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie Wrap despite I am fond of non-veg items. You must be known the reason with the above mentioned details about the same.


These wraps serve as better accompaniments to Costa’s new brewed Flat White, Iced Flat White and Iced Latte. The new and wide option of impeccable hand crafted coffee recently being showcased at the Coffee Heritage celebration across Costa Outlets in India.



The Moroccan Tofu and Grilled Veggie Wrap – Rs 155

Chicken Seekh Kebab Wrap – Rs. 145

These new range of wraps will be soon available across all Costa Outlets in India. The second world’s largest coffee chain has presented something very innovative in flavor which is not only one time admirable but you will fall in love in your per visit Costa Coffee whenever you have it. It has set the new benchmark with the new Costa wraps so step into your nearest Costa to feel the pamper.



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