Competitive Edge: Comparing Samsung’s Latest Smartphones

In what appears to be a direct response to the two-model system employed by the latest generation of Apple’s iPhone line, this generation’s Samsung Galaxy comes with a premium variant, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. However, rather than offer an oversized version of a largely similar phone, Samsung has elected to introduce an entirely new form factor with its curved screen, and there are several other differences between these versions of Samsung’s flagship smartphone as well.

pensitdownGalaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is intended as a more simplified update to the S5, featuring a redesigned brushed aluminum exterior and a more powerful 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen rated for 577 pixels per square inch. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also outfitted with a high-capacity battery rated for over 25 hours of talk time as well as 32GB of internal memory standard, double that offered by the Samsung Galaxy S5.

 Galaxy S6 Edge

Where the base S6 is an evolution of an existing platform, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from Harvey Norman pushes the boundaries of smartphone displays by wrapping the same 5.1 inch Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass display used by the S6 slightly around the edge of the device. This creates a more immersive effect while browsing, enjoying streaming media or 3D gaming thanks to the panoramic display and slimmed-down bezel.

This bold redesign featuring rounded corners also required the reconfiguration of the external control buttons of the device, and the spilt volume buttons, power button and SIM tray are relocated at the sides of the unit in an ergonomic placement. The S6 Edge also introduces features specific to the device, such as People Edge, Edge Lighting and Information Stream that make special use of the smartphone’s unique design, and these extra features are powered by a slightly larger batter than the Galaxy S6.


Along with implementing identical screens, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge also share a camera a well as wireless and high-speed charging capabilities. The operating systems employed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 models are also largely similar, with the Edge receiving only token tweaks to the standard Android 5.0 platform to make the most of its curved design.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers the absolute finest of the Samsung experience and may represent a future direction in mainstream smartphone design, the base model Galaxy S6 is nearly its equal in every aspect. While some may find the new form factor irresistible, smartphone users who prefer more traditional handsets will be pleased to find all they need in the standard S6.

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  1. Nice post on samsung Galaxy s6.. Really awesome Featuraes and specifications..Battery backup is awesome…

    Thanx for this post… keep Blogging.

    1. Hi Kapil,

      Galaxy S6 is carrying incredible features and Samsung is all set to give us best.

      Keep coming.

  2. Hello,

    Galaxy S6 Edge is really awesome mobile I have ever seen and I guess its a great technology innovation.


    1. Hi Samantha,

      FGalaxy S6 Edge is going to rock infact all the strokes from Samsung is loving by everyone. Thanks for coming.

  3. If I have change, I would like to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 than the S6 edge. I don’t really like the design of S6 edge.

    1. Hi Alize,

      Whether it is Samsung galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge both are wonderful in their respective way. But everyone has their own specific choice and I appreciate your choice.

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