Choosing Quality is Vital for Bloggers

For most of the bloggers, Hosting is not an important thing, especially for newbies and intermediates. They just don’t give preference to Quality Hosting as they only want to save Money as much as they can, and in most cases, they buy cheap plans from low quality web hosts, which is a big mistake.

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Now, Many of you will ask,

Why choosing a cheap hosting is a mistake?

Well, All you are looking, while opening a new blog or running blog, is for success. But the selection of cheap Web Host, has many Cons, which will make your road to success difficult, want to know, How? Let’s discuss.

High Percentage of Downtime

In the beginning of your career, it will not harm you much, as you will not be earning big, if it comes to money, but as soon as you start growing your revenue, the high percentage of downtime, which is very common with cheap hosting packages from unknown web hosts, will harm you.

You will start losing your visitors as well as money, if you website kept staying down for longer periods of times. Additionally, you will also lose some of your ranking as high Downtime, will force google to pull your website down a bit in the rankings.

Security Threats

Unknown Web Hosts are not that matured, when it comes to security. There will be always be a threat looming around your website from being hacked, for Malware attacks, or other security problems, which are bound to come, if you choose to go with Low rate hosting packages to save money.

Large number of websites hosted on Same IP

It is obvious that, you will choose Shared hosting from some unknown Web Hosting company, if you want to save money as it will only cost you a few dollars. But, you should know that, in most cases, their shared servers host large number of sites, which means there are many sites having the Same IP and if any of the sites hosted on the same server, got penalized due to some objectionable content, then other sites can also get a penalty, although it happens only in rare cases, but it can happen, so you need to be careful.

There are many more ill-effects of choosing a low quality hosting, but I think, these are enough to explain, that you should only buy Quality Hosting from a well known web Host, which can provide you all the latest features.

Now, let’s take a look at some points, which will help you chose the best web hosting company for your blog.

Points to Consider while choosing the Best Web Hosting:-

  • Uptime Record:- You should check the Uptime record of the web host, you are considering.
  • Plans & Features:- Check whether it is providing the best features in all the plans, because you might need to upgrade your hosting package later on, when your website growa as big beast. Along with the plan, also check the price of upgradation, because some companies might cost a lot, while up-gradation or while renewal. So, check it out carefully.
  • Support Quality:- Check Support quality of that web host as you will surely need it, because technical issues are bound to come, so you will require a technical helper.

Additionally, You can check the Customer reviews, of that web host, which will help you make the right decision.

Now, If you still confused about the Web Host, then I have some recommendations.

Based on all the points, Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost are the best choices for a Newbie, Intermediate or even for a Pro. So, you can choose nay of these three and if you need a discount, then you can get Latest Bluehost Coupon Codes Here or you can comment below and I will provide you the latest deal from any of these three top notch companies, which will help you save quite a lot of money. So, Hurry up!

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  1. Thanks for this lovely article. Indeed most newbies make the mistake of choosing a wrong host for their blog. They only see this mistake as the blog grows bigger. Thanks for taking your time to educate us here.

    1. Thanks Raphel I believe people become smarter now in choosing great hosting

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  3. The right hosting is a great way to get on with your blog with great and engaging content on the way. In my experience Host gator is the way to go if you want greatness for your blog.

  4. Hello Shiwangi,

    Thanks for sharing this very useful information here. Choosing hosting is very difficult task but by this post anyone can learn how to choose it. Also i think host gator is best as many of my friends are using their service. BTW thanks again 🙂

    1. Hey Harry I am glad that you liked the post and found it informative. Keep coming to cherish my blog

      1. Hii,
        Seriously, I like reading your article, one thing that strikes me the most is your style of writing. your article has cleared all my queries. I was confused about hosting and your article helped me a lot.

        mobile news

  5. Wonderful article,
    You have elaborated the topic very well that is providing better understanding. This post is really helpful and have also boosted my knowledge upto some limit about hosting. It is really important for us(as a blogger) to know about these things and facts.
    Eventually thanks for spreading your knowledge and such a helpful content.

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