“Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain”- Real Picture of Blunder more than Accident

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain is a great movie based on real catastrophe of Bhopal. This astonished incidence occurred in India on December 2-3 1984. The movie depicts true picture of unwanted occurrence of the unexpected gas leak at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in India. This is so despair to reveal the disaster with 10000 people’s death within 72 hours. The slum people lives were being paid due to ignorance of management.

pensitdownThe dark night of Bhopal is still fresh and create goose bump. I wish I could able to disappear that day from calendar. I wish I could save someone’s child, someone’s spouse and someone’s parents.

The remake of the true events which can be eye opener for various people and the pain of losing beautiful and innocent people due to the carelessness. However, trouble always comes without invitation so this is the outcome of that incidence. The picture of heart rendering true story, which you are going to watch in the form of movie by Director Ravi Kumar. Ravi Kumar has co-scripted the movie with David Brooks.

The leading character like Martin Sheen, Rajpal Yadav, Kal Penn, Mischa Barton and so on will spell the charm effect and also extract the act in a real manner as if story is happening in front of you.

The story revolves around a rickshaw-puller in Bhopal, who is doing job at a Union Carbide Plant. For the sake of family well being, Dilip is honestly devoted himself to run the company. He is striving hard with limited resources. One of the journalists Motwani, friend of Dilip is aware of the all hazard of the chemical plant. He is trying to warn all residents of Bhopal with the death of one of the slum due to cyanide poisoning (worker of Union Carbide Plant).

Nobody is taking his word seriously so he decided to take help of American journalist Eva who is so promising and keen to save the lives of many slum. Carbide executive Warren Anderson does not pay attention to Eva’s notification. One side Dilip is busy in arranging money for his sister’s wedding. When the wedding day arrives, he is attending guest with hospitality. Gradually all the guests and the resident of Bhopal is started feeling suffocation as the largest tower at the Carbide plant is spewing poisonous gas everywhere in the town.

One by one all the people rush to the Govt. Hospital for the reformation but it is impossible to save all the people lives. It is so killing or shameful to see people counting last breath and cannot do anything to save one’s life.

This movie reveals the mistakes done by carelessness of the Union Carbide Plant management, which have been denied. There should be four conditions of gas leaking prevention in the plant but there is only one for the safety. Why escaping for the responsibility for the one who is dedicating his life to provide the company best? The one who is increasing balance of the company and the management is saving money of company but not applying all four conditions, which can prevent the mishap. May this accident will let you learn to embrace the responsibility and carefulness.

It took four years to settle the matter and instead of apologizing company chairman did not take charge for the occurrence.

Truly said, “Safety is everybody business”. Money can be earned if it is lost but you cannot earn your loved ones back if lost. The trauma of losing various people is still fresh.

The movie is going to watch by masses and hoping that your experience will be learning. Ravi has uncovered this disaster with the help of different characters, which is unfolded amazingly good.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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