Best Selling Smartphone: Apple

No wonder Apple smartphone is at its best. It discovers latest things first. The next generation iPhone is still turning the head of many people.

pensitdownWhen you take a look at the structure of selling then you will notice that iPhone 5S sold 7 million units in May which is the best selling smartphone in the world. The second highest is Samsung Galaxy S5 which was being sold by 5 million units. These are the sales data of retailers and distributors of 35 countries via survey.

This graph is emerging according to the period of selling like iPhone 5S has been on sale since last September while Galaxy S5 in April. apple are going to announce ipad air 3 and you can check the ipad air 3 price.

The Galaxy S5 was in boom when it was introduced to the market and drop on sale by 24 percent after that. On the contrary, Apple is show stealer and it has built strong foundation. Aple release new and upgraded version of ios each year. next year apple will release ios 10 with more features.

Apart from Apple and Samsung there is Chinese company Xiaomi that did well in the Smartphone market across the world. Counterpoint has enlisted two smartphones of Xiaomi in top 10 lists –MI3 and Hongmi Red Rice and they are more visible in the overseas market. There is the one name also I can consider in the list of best selling phones, is Phablet. Genuinely if you see then the 40 percent of Phablet is being sold. In the pipeline, there is a bigger screen in Apple, which will certainly boost the selling of Apple. There will be no boundary for the users, as they will have larger screen benefit in Apple with full functionality.

Apple has been powerful and winner and I hope in future its selling will double as its previous record suggests the same. Simultaneously in three years iPhone is the top selling smartphone in the world.

See the previous record:

  •  8 million IPhones in the last of 2014 had given 20.4% of the global smartphone market whereas Samsung had 19.9% of the market in the quarter.
  • The 1 billion sales of iPhones at the first time and in 2014 there were 1.2 billion smartphones sold across the world while in 2013 it was 28% up.

Chinese smartphones are available in heavy discounted rate so they are more accessible to the consumers than the iPhone. The reason why Apple has planned to iPhone 6 to be available in 130 countries and its supplier’s value will assist the company manufacture7 million more iPhones than earlier.

iPhone success has been dictated by its global market or supply chain. Its record is progressive and will achieve more admiration in future as well. the iphone 8 will be release in 2017.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Indeed apple is a best selling smartphone through out the world. Its bit expensive but people tend to but it as they are attracted to its features and design.


    1. Hi Samntha,

      Yep people are crazy for the hi-end phone so they do not think twice in being extravagant. You know these days phone has become world and everyone want to spare themselves from the pain of opening the laptop for simple things.

      So Apple has always captured the attention. Keep coming

  2. hi
    really apple is unbeatable i also want to purchase the i phone 6 with its great feature but i am confused about should i spend on it. but now i decide to buy this after reading this.

    1. Hi Mitesh,

      Oh thanks you are looking forward to buy this phone after reading my review. Thanks a ton for it.

      Looking forward to see you.

  3. Apple is really making beautiful smartphone and features of all apple iOS phone is awesome. most of people crazy for apple because of touch, sensor and camera features rest of features same with other devices. really i am crazy fro apple display and touch facility

    1. Hi Ethan,

      Apple has everything but its screen size is small that irks me and now the 5 inch Apple phone is coming up but the price is so high to get on with it.

      Apple is the king all the way. Keep coming.

  4. Hey, I’m really satisfied with my new iphone 6. But i want to have an app to control my segway through my iphone. how do i get or make an apps?

    1. Hi Sunviraz,

      You do not need to develop new app for it . You jut need to google which is apt for your iPhone 6.

      Thanks for coming.

  5. I was looking for similar type of post as i need to buy an apple smartphone and found this post really helpful in taking my decision. Thank You Shiwangi for giving such posts and keep writing similar contents and helping us.

    1. Hi Atulit,

      Keep coming as there are lot more to come in my blog for you all. Thanks for considering my blog.

  6. Most people now want an Apple device more than other brands. However the price of Apple devices are down very much for old generation, like other brands. The main reason that the company is release many devices in short period of time.

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