Best money transfer business app

This is the era of cashless technology and sending money and receiving money is no more hassle. Digital money transfer is a savior and you can make a most of it. So you must be willing to know more options of best money transfer business app. Most importantly international money transfer for business purpose or for personal use is something you need to know. No more pain in International payment

Here is the list of best money transfer business app which is most widely used international digital money transfer apps for iOS and Android.


  1. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is popular and the most favourite money transfer app for iOS and Android. It features are very user-friendly and store your credit cards or debit cards details for your anytime use. Its Geo-availability is only in USA and very quick in transferring money.


2. OFX Money transfer

If you want secure money transfer anytime internationally then OFX is the right choice. Registering with this is quite easy and supports global transactions. Tracking this is also simple and this is secured platform. It supports Android and iOS.


3. Venmo

Venmo is very user friendly app and sending and receiving money is very smooth. You can get your money within a minute. If you use credit card then 3 percent processing fee will deduct.


4. Azimo

This app is available in Google Play store and Apple’s App store and perfect in smooth transaction International. It has very reasonable processing fee too and no support of phone number. Azimo is best and known for its painless transaction online. So stay digital with Azimo.


5. Paypal

Paypal is also very convenient option for online payment. This is the most popular app for quick peer-to-peer transfers. It has all simple features so using it won’t be headache for you. Its tight security and processing fee is bit insane otherwise this app Geo-availability is strong and wide. It supports iOS and Android both.

There are many other options apart from the above mentioned for the seamless International transactions such as TransferWise, Google Pay, Paytm, Payoneer, CashApp, Facebook Messanger, Zelle, WorldRemit an so on. These apps are super active in sending and receiving funds and better option than cash and checks. Zero documentation and fully convenient.


Let me know guys your choice for best money transfer business app for you. Also I have left many more options which you can mention in the comment box.



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