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The acceptance of new thing in your life should have remarkable place as it is for more comfort. Today I am talking about Berger Express Painting system. It has touched various people lifestyle and change the way you think. Painting homes with the automatic machines is revolutionary. Once I heard about this then I realize nothing can be better than this. It is faster, better and performance-oriented than the traditional way of painting homes.


How Berger Express Painting is better

Express Painting has extra edge on traditional paint as it is keeping the pace with advancement and modernity. It understands the needs of today’s home better. It can do all kind of painting jobs in half the time and the cost would not be higher than traditional pattern of painting. The comfort is unlimited and no mess around your home at all.

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It paints your home using mechanized tools that gives 40% to 50 % faster painting job done with the great finish than the manual process. It has in-built vacuum suction that minimizes the dust during sanding process. The better surfacing and the smooth job that compliments all the walls and corners of your sweet home in reasonable price and no physical exhaustion.


Two Types of Home Painting Services

In Berger Express Painting services there are two categories

Berger Express Painting –Gold

Berger Express Painting –Platinum



Express Painting Gold

This peaceful manner of paint your home cannot be wrong in style or in offering convenience. Express Painting by Berger has brought the generous idea to go with the flow. In this segment before painting we let you know about our offerings with the preliminary estimate. The free site visit will flash all information.

In this you will receive the services of trained painter and the dealer to offer all related stuff like materials, your requirement and job. Once the whole process done then there is post painting cleanup and rearrangement in the home. This expert home painting service is complimentary.


Express Painting Platinum

In this you will also offered the estimate of the customers. Berger offers free supervision and if you would like to have this service then you will be privileged with the painting job executed by the Berger trained painters. The automatic tools are class apart as it is good in masking the furniture and movement after this painting job and at last the cleanup and rearrangement.

It offers 1 year service warranty and more pamper is also there.


Express Painting Tools

Let us move to the Express Painting Tools and its services. How it is different from the manual method of painting? I know you are eagerly waiting for the answer. There are various tools of express painting which is better and faster and gives full convenience to its customers. You will get to know about the automatic machines which are of high speed so take a look at its features.


Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer


This machine tool is extra ordinary and helps precisely in completing the entire home painting job with ease. The dust free manner prevents involvement of useless work. This sprayer is very easy to use and it covers large areas frequently. It is good in handling the water based paints and primers. The finishing touch with this airless sprayer for painting is very impressive. There are no patches as the spray gives uniform finish in no time.


Auto Roller

Auto roller

Auto Roller covers all important areas of your home. Even hard to reach areas can be easily covered by this auto roller. With the use of auto roller the efficient wall painting can be done in dust free manner. This roller is adjustable and the dripping is negligible with this. The feature like automatic paint pumping action covers wall precisely by saving your time and money both. The uniform finish will give the vive that your home is looking at its best with auto roller by Berger.



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The fast lane Barger Express Painting is designed to let you experience hassle free painting. If you will see its benefits then you will realize how it is better over the manual method of painting. Check the benefits:

  • Faster than traditional painting by 40 %.
  • For the better result in your wall and the uniform finish.
  • The high speed tools prevent spilling of paint and cover all areas easily.
  • The vacuum suction in sanding machines ensures the dust free painting experience.
  • The smooth wall like never before.
  • The certified tools are highly efficient in covering hard to reach areas.




Berger Express Painting is ultimate and it is the systematic process. Within the stipulated time frame express painting does the entire paintings job in professional manner. I have enjoyed the session with Berger XP and fully agreed to the facts that it has certain edge over the traditional method of paintings. I would like to recommend, make your home beautiful with Berger XP.

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