Asus Zenfone: Escape the isolation this Valentine

Asus Zenfone is a new name of happiness in the world of tech. Escape the ordinary through make it part of your life


In this hi-tech lifestyle people, indulgence for the device is incredible. Gone are the days when people run around the trees to express their love on Valentine’s Day. Now life is so fast and phones and apps have become their first love. Staying with them in home is not bad deal or outing is also perfect carrying your handset as it sets certain standard and you are not isolated in the company of Zenfone.

Pamper yourself in this Valentine not with the boyfriend’s romantic quotes but with Asus Zenfone. As it has all the potential to impress you and treat you like princess.

I am striking the reason behind my love for Asus Zenfone.

 1. Awesome Display

The 6 inches display IPS panel with 1280*720 resolutions is commendable. The TrueVivid technology provides great color and brightness resolution. The true enjoyment of watching movie with such grand screen size.

2. The warmth of camera

These days camera is becoming big turn on for the users. In this section phone is packed with 8 MP rear camera with LED flash and 2 MP front camera. It offers various images mode and multi-functionality for the users. The fast and fluid Zen UI is carrying easy interface to interact with the camera. It is featured with low light mode.

3. Asus Zen UI

This interface is amazing factor to highlight as it has potential to save your time to jump from one app to another. Another reason to love this phone is that some good feature will be at its best when the flip cover on. The user-friendly clock and torch shortcut is very moving. In the notification panel, the list of shortcuts makes your usability more comfortable.

4. Spectacular Performance

Zenfone is carrying various stuff on its sleeve when it comes to its spectacular performance. The great interface of 1.6 GHz Intel dual core processor along with Power VR GPU and 2 GB RAM is all set to please you amazingly. It is sometimes you notice that high-end smartphones unable to run the hardcore games but with this phone you will not face such drawback.

5. Amazing Price

The above all you are getting in such affordable rate. The mismatch of Zenfone features and specs win over its price. From operating system to camera, camera to other aspects really a worth investment for the users. The turn-head price is approx INR 8000 with the damage-free and scratch-resistant specs.

In the competitive releases of smartphones of 2015, Zenfone will not take back seat. It will get the acknowledgement, as I love it. Zenfone is an awesome smartphone and never let you feel isolated. Experience great love and ease in life through the presence of Zenfone to stay stylish. If you get such a good company to feel loved in the form of Zenphone, will you ask for more in this Valentine’s week, day and month?




Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hi Shiwangi,
    Thank you dso much for this article. I have been just reading a expert roundup on worth of blog and saw you. It was then I realized that I haven’t visited you for a while. So I am here.
    Oh, you kept a surprise bundle for me. It is this post. I have just bought ZenFone 5 from Amazon. I am very happy to own it. The feature I love the most on it is the camera itself. It has the unique pixel master technology.
    Yeah, I did download some high end games and it works works awesome.
    What a cute review you have made. Thanks again.

  2. yeah…asus is awesome as technology…….. fabulous features…… using same

    1. Hey M.S Dandyan,,

      Asus really is eligible all the way. Keep coming..

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