After taking over a village, how China is encroaching land in Nepal


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New Delhi, June 24: In a bid to seize complete control, China has been making inroads into several territories in Nepal. China has also occupied a village in Nepal and allegedly removed the boundary pillars to legitimise its annexation, according to top sources in the government.

How China occupied a village and is encroaching land in Nepal

The Chinese have completely occupied Rui village in Gorkha district and has it completely under its control. Further China has also occupied strategic lands at 11 places across Nepal. The Nepal government is however tight lipped about it even as China occupied 36 hectares in four district of Nepal.

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The source cited above tells OneIndia that the move by China has been a strategic one and has been done over the past two years. Nepal which has been making anti-India statements of late has completely surrendered to the Chinese, the officer also said.

The list of 11 places was prepared by Nepal’s Survey Department of Agriculture Ministry. Its report also said that China has been diverting the flow of rivers to increase its territory.

Further the report added that a total of 10 hectares of land has been encroached in Humla district and the Chinese also diverted Bagdare Khola and Karnali rivers. Further in Rasuwa, district 6 hectares of land have been encroached as construction works brought diversions in Bhurjuk, Jambu Khola and Sinjen.

The report further added that China has been expanding its network in the Tibet Autonomous Region as a result of which some rivers have changed their course and are flowing towards Nepal. The rivers are gradually receding Nepal territories and if this were to continue then the rivers will cede the maximum portion of Nepal’s land towards the TAR.

The report also states that there is a high possibility that over a period of time, China may develop its Border Observation Post of Armed Police in those territories.

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