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About Shiwangi Shrivastava

This is Shiwangi Shrivastava, the founder, CEO, writer, and chief editor of the blog Pensitdown. Before her son, she worked in corporate Muthood Group. Now the Pensitdown is  a blog managed by Shiwangi.

Her blog is the inception of her path of the childhood dream where may success will turn into destination.

She came into blogging  in 2013 and created her blog to create awareness. Her aim is to with the land of her website match the land of fulfillment for readers. It is a penchant in her to access to the readers mind and soul through her blog.

As far as her personal information is concerned she loves to do what she loves to do with elation. She is a firm believer of the adage “ Pray as if everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you”. She also believes that we live only once therefore we should not miss out any precious moment of the present for the sake of past and future.

What is the purpose of Pensitdown

Pensitdown is a blog which covers multiple topics like blogging, writing, money making, social media, tech, miscellaneous etc. This blog is also about how you can change subject without changing your niche.

The aim of my blog is to spread awareness from my niche. My blog is working in full swing to provide wings to readers. Its simultaneous strive to the accomplishment of its purpose is yet to achieve and till life this strive will go for the betterment.

My blog is my readers property. It is also a tool that allows you to build awareness, to reflect, to react and something that you like to inhale or a tool to educate, instruct and establish thought leadership.

It helps in boosting a lead generator and prepare you to showcase your empowerment in personal and professional life.

The ultimate goal of  my blog is to provide all possible service and helping others to achieve their goals.


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