8 Mother’s Day Special Apps

From the moment they placed you

in my arms. You snuggled right

into my heart.

Mother’s Day is a most special day on the earth as earth is precious because of her presence. Womanhood is respected due to the most pious stage of woman that is Mother. Her presence made everyone presentable or representative to the world. She is the second name of sacrifice, trust, empowerment and wholehearted love. Her heart is so open and flexible. This pious day falls on the second Sunday of May month i.e 11th May 2014.

“The depthness of her heart cannot ever be measured

The more she stretched her heart the greater her love


There is a general perception that father is a head and shoulder of family but according to me mothers are the mentor for her children. Her countless contribution for shaping her kids from new born baby to grown up is rewarding and priceless.

www.pensitdown.com4When you talk about mother’s love she only knows to give without asking anything in return. She willingly subsist her bond for her children whether her children be ignorant or lovable to her.

“She can take the pain but cannot give

She can take you out from all hurdles

She can adore you even you hate her”.

She can take up unbearable pain to deliver her baby without any complains similarly, she can bear the ignorance of her child with so much love in her heart.

Mothers are so beautiful and the beauty of her bond for her kids is greater than the anything in the world. If I will express my words for mother in praise then definitely it will be endless.

Guys I want to know from this world that on the special eve of Mother’s Day what have you decided and how to pamper your real soulmate. Here I am offering most special way to say you care for your Mom. These apps will certainly bring tears to your Mom’s eyes. Whether you are mom or honoring your mother, this emotional outburst gift is unique and special but not more than your Mom. Check out few apps:

1. Buncee bits

This is the free app that allows you to create a digital card using pictures from your camera roll. There are lot of option for the graphics in Buncee Bits and you can include your drawings and own text. If you are done you can share to your precious Mom through Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and text.

2. ScrapPad- Photo Journal

This is iPad app which is perfect for mother to gift. As this app is a Photo Journal which can select layout and can be used through gestures after that you can add photo of your choice by Camera+. Once the whole set up is done you can present it to Mom via emails and Face book.

3. Slow Message

Give your Mother the surprise of heartfelt messages in this Mother’s Day. For keeping your mother spirit alive you keep sending her emails and the app like send message will pamper her throughout the year with your precious message. Isn’t it exciting and emotional if your mother get your note for her every day.

4. American Greetings ecards

If you are away from your Mother how to again surprise her with your warm presence felt in the form of American Greetings ecards. See I will tell you the app is carrying a good collection of animation, music and the many more option of tagging memorial photos. It is completely on you to design the cards accordingly and send it to your Mother through email,or post it to Facebook.

5. Desk Fountain

Desk Fountain is working well as far as gift is concerned and gifting it to your mother is the good stress relieve for her. This app is like a spa on your iDevice which have a sounds and visuals natural as a fountain trickling down or chirping birds.

6. Flower Garden Free Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets.

Through email you can send bouquets to please your Mother. You do not have to go for the bouquet at the florist instead you can opt for the universal app like e-flower on your iDevice. Your Mother will be tempted with the soothing effect of plant seed and watching it to grow into a garden which adds tranquil sound. Your Mother will definitely appreciate this effort.

7. Email Reader Free Version

Mothers do have very hectic life whether she is working out or staying home and Email Reader English Version app is so well and good option for Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail which will save your time. This app will support the four email provider that I mentioned above. You have to setup your emails platform, you have to enter your email address and password and after that you will listen to the soothing sound while reading emails through the female voice.

8. Word Chums Free

This app is also for the Mother of all stages. Apart from the cards and pictures you can try your hand by gifting your Mother a word game. The graphics are cartoonish and it is convenient due to lack of offensive content. Befriend with your Mother and challenge her in this game and encourage her to play against online friends.

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During your initial moment your mother designs your world through taking care of your every single wish. So now it is your turn to show your effort through your small contribution. Your little effort can make your mother feel so proud and special.

www.pensitdown.com3There are many other gifts around apart from this you can give to your mother on this special eve named Mother’s Day. According to me for your Mother the most precious gift would be your time. But pampering her via such innovative gifts will make her day and infact her whole life.

She may be careless in looking after her children,

but her feelings cannot be careless.

This post is dedicated to all beautiful mothers whose love is selfless with spiritual power. Even heart is not sufficient place to keep the warmth of her love for her kids.




















She may be careless in looking after her children,

but her feelings cannot be careless.


This post is dedicated to all beautiful mothers whose love is selfless with spiritual power. Even heart is not sufficient place to keep the warmth of her love for her kids.



Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Good seasonal post Shiwangi.

    Yeah, mother’s day is a special day for all moms. I love my mom the most and I would say that she had scarified many things for me. Her love on me is endless and still she is caring for me a lot. I never share my struggles with her and I don’t wanna hurt her in any way.

    As a mother, I love my daughter and she is my life. She is cute and having more talents than me. I am just searching the ways to shape her in a better way to make her shine like a star. She motivates me many times when I feel down and am living for her.

    Will check out the useful apps, thanks for sharing some useful stuffs with us.

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      I appreciate your potential as a mother and who can understand better than you the mother-child bond. We mother shed our responsibility towards our children with love and care without asking for anything in return.

      I am not a good daughter, not sister, not even good wife but I can say proudly to all that I am a good mother. If I love someone selflessly that is love for my son only otherwise all other relations I am subsisting with bit selfishness.
      This is reality but mother do not expect anything from their kids but there are occasions to make her feel special and recollect her contribution with our little effort.

      May be this apps are for the young generation Mom but doing any little thing for the Mother always big for her. Isn’t it so.

      Your baby will be star like for sure as she is your shadow.

      Nirmala I always consider you lucky as you are the Mother of a daughter. In India many Mother don’t appreciate the girl child but I feel they are best and I miss the daughter presence in my life.
      I have a son I am happy now he is my world.

      Thanks for sharing your part to me. Keep coming.

  2. Hi Shiwangi,
    Thanks for these apps. BTW do you know Telugu? I am surprised to see an image with Telugu quote in it. If only my mother used a smart phone I would have used any of the above app, but anyways these apps are for latest generation moms. Once again thanks for the list hope it helps many to convey their wishes to the most loving person in this world.

    1. Hi Vijesh,

      Doing anything for Mother is always appreciable and immense gratification. I awe the fact that if we can do anything to please our most beautiful woman of this earth i.e Mother.

      I do not know Telugu anyway but I love different languages and always have respect for different cultures.

      Regardless these apps there are many more ways to pamper your mother to make her feel special.

      It is lovely to see your focus for my post so keep coming.

  3. Hi Shiwangi,

    Those are wonderful apps for mother’s day 🙂

    Being a non-techie, I rarely use my mobile nor do I have the time for being on the phone all that much because I am online, all the time. Nevertheless, I know of only a few of these, while the others I would surely check.

    Mother’s Day is a special one and I miss my Mom the most this day and I hope I can be as good as her when I have to raise my kids, which I think I do try and do, but one can never be perfect, especially when one is a working mother. I am glad my kids are a little grown up and value that now as they see their mom working full time. Nevertheless, I wish I could become a better mom – there is always scope for improvement, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing and the link love too. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena Mam,

      Lovely to see you to my blog. I can understand your feeling, I know one thing more is that your the proud daughter of proud Mother. You are best in all facets as your professionalism is at peak and your offline life is surely also successful.

      Every mom is special and I feel proud of myself being a mother I know I bit become careless for my son but my feeling for him is immortal, divine and selfless. I guess this is the true love. I never felt inside a feeling of true love in subsisting any relation not even being a daughter but as a Mom I am in true love with my baby.

      I have to grow lot being a mom still learning various parental steps. I do not want to indulge in any missteps as a mother.

      I owe every Mother of this earth and their special day should be filled with special attention and care in form of many pampering stuff. It can be with her children presence felt in the form of few apps or with any other forms. The important thing should be that there should be expression of love.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your views with me.

  4. Hello,

    Wonderful share Shiwangi, Well yes its mothers day we I never thought that there would be some specific apps for this spacial day.


    1. Hi Samir,

      Yep Isn’t it amazing that we can offer some worthy gifts to our Mom to make her feel special.

      The reason why I thought to focus on such apps which can be helpful for others.

      Thanks for coming.

  5. Hi Shiwangi,
    What an awesome apps for Mother’s day!!! :0
    Those apps help a lots of peoples arounds the world to make this day spacial and give a spacial gifts for their mom ‘s on this spacial day
    Happy mothe’s day
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting.
    Furniture Sydney Australia

    1. Hi Addison,

      Pleasure to see you in my blog. I am ecstatic that you liked the apps for making feel special to Mother.

      Not only for the Mother’s Day but you can have a great utilization from such apps for other relation to feel special.
      Thanks for the wishes and will love to see you again to my blog.

  6. Great shiwangi, Mothers day is already over but will check this apps soon.

    1. Hi Mark,

      This surprises apps is not limited to only for Mother’s Day eve but you pamper other relation with such beautiful surprises. Thanks for coming first time to my blog and also I am looking forward to see you on my blog always.

  7. Hello Shiwangi Shrivastava,
    Great collection ,,, I think pleasing / or making your parents happy is the most vigorous thing in life. We all should respect our Mother, isn’t it ?

    Happy Blogging.

    1. Hi Harpal,

      I think the best relation ever we had is mother-child bond. Being a mother I can understand this bond depthness that is why I shared my thought about this.

      Keep coming and have a nice day.

  8. Hi Shiwangi,

    WOW!! Truly great app for specially mother’s day

    Thanks for sharing and belated happy mother’s day 🙂

    Keep posting

    1. Hi Smith,

      Nice to see you on my blog first time. Yep these apps are very vital to keep the relationship healthy.

      Thanks for the wishes and appreciation and very Happy Mother’s Day. Keep coming to enrich my blog.

  9. Great post shiwangi, Mothers day is always special for everyone. I am going to check these apps soon.

    1. Hi Pankaj,

      Appreciate your second time presence. Yep check that apps as many events are in pipeline so that apps will be helpful for those celebration.

      Thanks for the stopping by.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for coming.

  10. Wow wonderful list of apps.
    really awesome like others post i have read many posts of your blog . your content is really awesome . i enjoyed a lot while read your post
    Thanx for this apps
    Keep Blogging

    1. Hi Kapil,

      It is really incredibly good to listen such words for my post. If you enjoy to read my post then do always come as lot more is yet to come in my blog.

      Yep all the apps I have seen, and it is good to gift your mom or your loved ones. Thanks for coming..

  11. Great app here, very useful

    1. Hi David,

      If this apps are wonderful then go for it. Keep coming..

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