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7 Ideal Conditions for Creative Writing

Are you looking for the ideal condition for  Creative Writing? The chock-a-block home with members deter you extract creativity from you.

How far from madding crowd broaden your sensibility and keep your nerve cool while writing?

7 Ideal Conditions for Creative Writing
7 Ideal Conditions for Creative Writing

Do you want your brain to answer questions and make decisions is best done when you are at peak?

Where is that peak? Is peak depends on your ideal environment of surroundings?

When you are writing a post your mind should be free from all worries. The calm and serenity atmosphere is the outcome of creative writing. Distraction should not be master of your brain.

How to function the brain and put the creativity at peak.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is an art. It is a personal freedom. It is an expression of your thought or feeling and mindset.  Creative writing is a created collection of words which filtered out distraction and provide focus on particular task.

Sharp function of brain is directly proportional to the efficiency is a Creative writing.

How brain and writing should be co-related and deeply connected together. I will tell you how to increase your efficiency of writing a post through following some ideals.

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Ideal condition are not day and night only or the music enzymes. For me ideal condition is something which can nourish your brain and soul. So well being of brain sensation for creative writing is very essential rather than solemn place.

1. Your vision should open all other senses.

Your vision is your trump card. While writing a post only choice of particular time is not sufficient to deliver a best shot. Your inherent ability is another thing but for creative writing you need to be out of the box. There should be longing in your ideas.

2. Fine tune your learning.

The second condition for creative writing is the state of comprehension of concepts. Concepts always come from learning. If you want to fine tune your concept than fine tune your learning first. Better writing comes through better learning.

7 Ideal Conditions for Creative Writing

3. Console your brain to multi task.

How to console your brain for multi task is not a baby step. It is almost pretty scary to perform well and make your brain ready to multi task. Make your brain persuasive to handle two things simultaneously the result will not for each task will be less attentive.

4. The condition of increasing compassion

Increasing compassion means decreasing stress, decreasing stress means improving memory skills. The more we dig into the writing the less anxiety we have. The less anxiety opens the door for creativity and efficiency in performance.

5. How power nap improve your performance.

Napping actually helps our brains to solidify memories. The condition of power nap is always good for creative writing. Off-peak time keeps you at peak. It keeps you more productive for writing a post. The people who take nap able to outperform well than who don’t. So for the fresh start you should have good end of nap.

6. The access of wider scope for fastening innovation.

To generate our best writing we need to be fast in innovation.The heap determination atop our desire. The ideal condition of creative writing is to reach to the wider brain which can create innovation for boosting perfect writing.

7. Reorganize the brain and boost your will power

Exercise your brain with more and more writing to develop the muscle for rapid rise. So your brain can be stretchable to limitless. This ideal condition can improve your power of reasoning and sensibility. The reason why we need to struggle with the amount of time for writing will vanish.

If you are serious or passionate about writing goals what prevents you from pursuing them.

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Over to you

State of mind actually affects writing more than geographical location. Interruption and distractions tries to sidetrack you but distractions of brain cannot overcome. So to strengthen the bond between brain, writing and creativity you have to build reasoning attention. Figure out and read between the lines will make you closer to the perfection to creative writing.

What is your take on as I like to hear yours.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Awesome post on creative writing Shiwangi.

    I like your every point and I would say that these are executable tips to write with creativity.

    Nap has power and yes, it let us to write creatively. Exercising brain to handle the stuffs simultaneously is somewhat difficult, but once we got practiced, we’ll write better. Ofcourse, good writing skill comes from learning and i am familiar with it.

    Thanks for offering your valuable writing tips for us.

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Pleasured to see you here. Thanks for your nice and close to my heart words.

      Yes I often time thought about is only the ideal condition of writing is geographic place.
      But no its not sufficient we need to broaden our brain to show our creativity for writing.
      Yup we need to take out all source from mind to excel in writing which is impossible without determination.

      The word like distraction always be a source of diversion from work so may my focus will be helpful for others.

      Thanks dear for putting your ideas. Keep coming.

  2. Hi Shiwangi
    Amazing post indeed!!!
    All the point that you have mentioned above are very helpfil and useful for us.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Doing good job
    Furniture Sydney Australi

    1. Hi Addison,

      Thanks for the first time visit. I am glad that you like all points by far.
      I was apprehensive before posting that my points will be liked by readers or not. But your appreciation proved me wrong. Thanks for sharing your ideas and do keep coming.

  3. Hello Shiwangi – Great Post as usual. Our brain and mind will work creatively when we are at less stress and hence it is essential we need to overcome or learn to manage the stress so that our mind is clear and our ideas start flowing without any hurdle. As you have said Taking a small nap also stimulates our brain to think differently and creatively. Thanks again for this wonderful write up on this topic.

    1. HI Jayashree,

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas over my post.

      Yup all the points I shared to acknowledge the mind and writing pattern altogether.

      It is a great stimulation indeed. According to me our mind should be stuffed with ideas od words so that there should not be space left for stress or ant negativity.
      Thanks dear for coming.

  4. Well I’m not good in writing stuff and so I visit this blog to learn new things daily 🙂

    You’ve shared awesome tips today.


    1. Hi Sameer,

      It is a great feeling that you come to my blog to get some idea.
      I will write always something which will be intriguing.

      Thanks for coming and share your beautiful ideas.

  5. Hey Shiwangi,
    Its a very insightful post.
    The #5 about power-napping is what I liked the most. I myself has experienced this, when I sit Blogging after a nap, more creative ideas flow in my brain.
    Akshay Hallur

    1. Hey Akshay,

      Thanks for visiting my blog first time. Yup Power nap really works perfectly for well being.

      Nice to know your ideas about the flow of brain due to nap.

      Have a great day ahead. Cheers..

  6. Good stuff. Yes – writing exercises (in order to develop characters, or to explore the other senses) might actually save time in the longer term, or result in a brainstorm of ideas, setting the writer off on a new route (if this is required). Many of your points work on multiple levels, Shiwangi – both when discussing the author or writer and when referring to the characters in their fictional world.

    1. Hi Richard,

      I am glad to see you here again. It is amazing that you agree with my points.
      Hopefully I will come up with more different aspect which will steal the heart of many.

      Yup you are right that my points are delivering ideas which will be workable for different things.

      Happy to see you to share your views here.

  7. Brilliant Post on Creative writing..
    I like the terms in #6 and #1 ..
    Much inspiring Keywords for a content writers.. 🙂

    1. Hi Rahul,

      I am literally bewildered to know that you liked my focus. Hope I will be keep
      be coming with more innovative ideas.

      Thanks for coming.

      1. That’s Cool… 🙂

        1. Really I am looking forward to post something generous and innovative.

  8. Thank you Shiwangi for sharing about creative writing.
    i am face so many problems on article writing time.

    1. Hi Prakash,

      Thanks for your visit. I am glad that you like the post. See few tips and tricks can improve your writing skill.Keep coming to share your views.

  9. very much helpful for blogger who has just started out!!

    1. Hi Anand,

      Yup thanks for your visit. I think the same helpful for the newbies but it is also a good for the readers.

      Thanks for coming.

      1. yes i completely agree on that..

        1. Hi Anand,

          Thanks for supporting my thought. Cheers..

  10. Thanks for these worthy tips Shivangi,
    As you have said multi tasking is a daring step, we cannot handle all works at a time but if we can train our brain for multi tasking it would be a worthy move as our brain equals several super computers. I agree that a small nap will definitely increase our ability to write creatively.

    1. Hi Vijesh,

      Pleasure to see you in my blog so long. Yes it is the brain only who can wander anywhere as brains imagination knows no boundaries. So we can expect from our brain to be more productive and multi-tasking.

      I wish I could have more time to take power nap so I think I will perform far better. Well it is our state of mind which determines our condition of creative writing rather than particular spot.

      So keep coming to share your views.

  11. really nice aritlce!
    i am also into writing and started on freelancer and other sites..
    your points are really nice.
    thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Hi Dilip,

      Thanks for the visit. Its nice to know that you are doing freelance writing. Freelance writing is in itself a bi challenge for us. In the journey of dos and donts of clients you et to learn many things.

      Thanks for sharing your views and keep coming.

  12. Very nice article Shiwangi. Sometimes I prefer quite place for writing my articles.

    1. Hi Pawan,

      Thanks for the first time visit. I also feel that writing should be an ideal condition. But it should not be limited to the geograbhical location only. The ideal condition of brain or state of mind is more important for me .

      Thanks for your views and keep coming.

  13. Wow, how come you include such hi-fi terms in your articles 🙂 ordinary readers like me might find difficulty in grasping the content 😛

    Great and hats off. It seems like; you are a great TECHNICAL writer – speaking about console, mind, fastening innovation etc …..ha ha……. May be, I should also try writing in this manner !

    Well, let me share my thoughts on ideal conditions – in my plain language

    1. Creativity will come in flow – when we start writing, ideas will flow in mind and one should master the art of catching hold the flashed thoughts and also learn how to organize and put them in an interesting way.

    2. Necessity or requirements is the main source of creativity. Once we feel the need for a topic to be dealt (in most cases our audience guides us) then we would be looking for possibilities of the related topics. In this way, we will be exploring creativeness. So, as a writer/blogger we should cultivate our surroundings/environment in such a way that we are always left with many requirements, necessities (from users) or to-do tasks.

    3. Like you said – an open and free mind is definitely required to write creatively. One should be free from external disturbances, noises, tensions and should open up his/her mind to think laterally, regarding related issues

    4. I can say; multi-tasking is NOT a good idea – at least not for everyone ! one must reduce parallel tasking so as to focus solely on the concerned subject. Although music is an exception.

    5. To write creatively, one must have plenty of ideas and to get ideas one must be exposed to as many similar situation (articles in our case) as possible. It’s just like – if we want to do a project during studies, we need to refer some previously done projects so as to group up or frame an all new concept ! right ?

    These are some of my views that flashed my mind – the moment I started commenting !
    Hope this helps the visitors to an extent.

    Thank you for writing 🙂

    1. Wow Bhanu bro,

      Thanks for such a long and awesome words from you. It is very pleasing when someone spare some time in this hectic day for such a enlarged focus.
      I have injected all of your ideas in my vein and I feel you can write well. You can better focus on this subject than me.

      I am seeing you come up those ideas which I left.

      For me creativity is not about geographical location instead it is about calmness and sincerity from within. Yep I find music the best alternative for me while writing. As music and writing both are my favourite and good source of extracting a good from me.

      Writing is completely a mind game so the ideal condition of brain is equal to the ideal condition of writing creatively.

      I think you should start writing on such subjects so that you can excel more rather writing on other issues. Its my personal suggestion I said what I felt.

      I want to obey your quality with quantity comment with my long comments also but I am unable to generate more ideas like you did.

      Thanks again for a wonderful comment ever got. Keep coming to share your beautiful thoughts.

      Have a nice day ahead and stay blessed.

      1. Shiwangi Ji,

        Well, thank you for considering my thoughts, these ideas came just in flow, like I said – while writing the comment. That is the power of creativity, once we start trying, then we could see vast creative thoughts – which would definitely surprise us. All we need is desire and interest to write with damn free mind !

        Like you suggested “you should start writing on such subjects so that you can excel more rather writing on other issues” – that’s really thinkable, I should really try on such subject matters. I realize this – only after I came across your feedback 🙂 Thank you !

        Honestly speaking many of my other blog friends tagged me with words like ‘Innovative person”, “Creative guy”, “awesome man” etc – because of the fact that I already wrote inspirational articles in my blog. Here is an example that might support my statement – Inspirational thoughts for those who fear CEED, Design exam

        Well, I guess I went too personal. Sorry for this ! Thank you again for making me think about my further blogs ! If time permits, I will look into that.:)

        – Bhanu

        1. Hi Bhanu,

          I am loving that you are coming often to my blog and continuously focusing on it.

          Yes genuinely speaking you should try your hand in creativity of writing. As it will be helpful for others.
          oh nice you get noticed and addressed by your surroundings such goods words for you. YEp I have seen your article and it has lot of shades and power.

          Thanks for your ideas. Keep coming to share your views.

  14. Hi Shiwangi,
    That is a very insightful article on creative writing…You need lot of free time and dedication to do creative writing..You have very taken up the important points for writing a creative post…

    1. Hi Karnal,

      yeah I agree with your above mentioned. Really a deep thought and concentration makes the pen move down.

      Creativity comes always with the calmness of brain. keep coming to share your views.

  15. wow really a nice article

    1. Hi Shahid,

      Thanks and keep coming…

    1. Hey Akaash Thanks for appreciation.

  16. Hello Shiwangi Shrivastava

    Really thank you very much for your post.

    Very well explained, now I know how to activate writing creatively!

    Especially on the nap part!

    It helps a lot in creativity!

    Very well detailed your article, thanks for sharing your knowledge in the area!

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