5 Tips of income your self-esteem through writing

Writing is dear to me like my own breath. It is a dispeller of pain and giver of happiness. Writing forces me to crystallize those thoughts and put them in a logical order. I feel blessed that I got a platform for my words in the form of Blogging. It is a lifetime and priceless gift from God.

writinHave you ever questioned yourself, Do you indeed write for yourself.

  • Don’t you write for ranking better in Google Search Result Pages(SERPs).
  • Every natural word that you replace with a keyword diminishes the work and takes you far from writing for yourself.
  • Why on the internet, the need to search engine optimize complicates the matter always.

Write because you need to because words are more than what you say, They are what you do. Grow with each commas as it forces you to keep going beyond the limits of I can’t live. What you write because words matter once its written, its real. There are no backsies.

 Why writing for yourself is essential

I am not saying that I don’t want to remain in good books of google. Well this is true that few of my blog post is contrary to my persona. I mean to say that I focused on that topic which is not my cup of tea. Best writing comes from writing for yourself. Lets take a look:

  • I find myself spending or wasting lot of time on one paragraph because I am writing for fictional reader who I have imagined that will supposedly be reading what I write. When I center myself or write for myself I can write a whole paragraph in just a few minutes.
  • Writing for yourself is just like seeing yourself in mirror. Let me be apparent how it is, when you see yourself in mirror both sides its you so natural, so transparent, no pretention and you have not to act like others. No line of difference between both sides. Similar thought goes with writing when you write for yourself you are true to yourself not acting like others whatever you are delivering is your wish sans any fake.

Do you write for making money only?

I know larger segment of population write for money. Even I write daily for money. But when it comes to being in state of trueness I see writing as a divine factor for me. It is oneness with God. Writing is something beyond purpose of physical life. I am not involved in this craft for the petty penny but for my well-being to income my self-esteem.

writinggggWriting is a best friend of mine where I can share anything. In its company I don’t feel incomplete. New world for me something can reach into my soul.

 1. Writing gives you peace

You come across day to day feeling of uneasiness and dissatisfaction in your domestic and official life but unable to cope. Writing keeps you in tranquil state. It is a form of healing for me which stays you fit mentally. I worked earlier in corporates but it can keep you busy and stressful at the same time. On the contrary writing rejuvenates and reflects.

 2. Writing helps you share your thought

In everyday life nobody has sufficient time to listen you if someone have intraction time perhaps your views differs therefore discussion cannot sustain. In blogging world I am blessed with the fact that whatever I write will be noticed and shared even indulging in long debate confronted through some of your friends and colleagues. Also internet discussions can help me to formulate my thoughts on a particular topic more apparently. Its true that I love to write for myself but at the same time I want to inspire others. Still learning how to find the balance between writing for myself and yet offering information that others can apply to their lives.

 3. Writing helps you to communicate

Writing developed conversation ability and tone. You generally discover certain energy inside you to deliver appealing speech which set you apart from the crowd. It is a source of content from which you can pull references from, which make you quicker on a personal and professional front both.

 4. Writing is self-rewarding and therapeutic

Writing is a state of shading your melancholy feeling. I eat writing, I sleep writing, I drink writing. Its like doing Yoga which helps to purifies your heart and soul. I inhale fresh air, everytime I play in the ground of the words. There is nothing better than looking at the finished product knowing that you put the pieces together and conveyed your emotion.

5. Writing develops your own style  

As far as you are writing for yourself, trust your instinct. It comes as a great blessing which lift your spirit. We all look for the personal touch where we can relate to the author or blogger, where they share more of themselves with us because that’s what touches the most deeply. The style you carry for your writing, becomes your bookmark rather than following any author.

writing artI will write until not a single word remains in my soul, until every story in my heart has been told, until my mind’s well of ideas is bone dry and even then I will write on because writing is not just something I do but part of who I am.  (Kathy Jeffords)

We blogger speak two languages one for the google and one for yourself. One serves to communicate with other people, other serves to understand yourself or present yourself as you are. Here I want to clarify that not every blogger have the same case.

I am also going with the flow of Google directions but this is not my path. I want to grow more as a writer rather than following new techniques or ideas as a blogger.

Final words- Writing is an art form that not just anyone can master. It requires dedication and a skin thick enough to withstand bullets. The most important distinction is that any kind of writing should not be constructed as formula in anyway. It’s a tool to improve your productivity and something that many people could benefit it. Writing is so powerful that can make you happier and give you sense of pride.

Words are my life, I will write till death. 

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hello shiwangi,

    Awesome article i ever read about writing tips. The best part of your article is staring lines they tell each an every words about you.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article .

    1. Hi Esha, I will definitely come up with such article for you all. Your enjoyment is compelling me to write more stuff like that.. Thanks for your commendable feedback.

  2. Writing even helps reduce stress at times. Writing is indeed a great job. I love to read awesome peace like this. Very precisely written Shiwangi.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I also notice certain sparkle and power inside after entering into blogging. Take my word I am enjoying the gallery of writing fully. Even I love to write such kind of piece without pretention. If you really had good time with this post of mine, surely I will come up with such piece in future.

      Thanks for your commend.

  3. I love to read posts though I don’t blog but love reading. Many times I read offline books too. I really like the way you connected income with writing. Great post.

    1. Thanks a ton. This is the matter I love to write I do not generally go through lot of research for such venture. Stay Tuned.

  4. I really loved the lines which are written just below the girl’s image in the post. Nice write up Shiwangi.

    1. Hi Shaily, Nice to learn that you liked it. Ofcourse such kind of subject always attracts me to write over. Focus on such topic is intriguing stuff for me something like collections of words coming automatically from heart. Thanks dear.

  5. Hiii Shiwangi,
    Thanks for sharing this well written article. Writing is an Art and it really helps us to communicate with readers or audience. this is most important that We should always write in own style. thanks 🙂
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Easiest Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Facebook PageMy Profile

    1. Thanks for stealing some time for me from your hectic schedule. Yup whenever I write what I love to write keeps me connected with the work I am doing. I really feel proud when I write my choice and I feel double proud when my choice become my readers choice. Keep coming.

  6. Thanks for posting such beautifully written post. I enjoyed reading each and every line of this post. Loved the short paragraphs written below the images. Keep writing such wonderful piece of writing.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…How to Create MySQL Database in CPanelMy Profile

    1. HI Atish,

      And I am loving the each and every words you explained for me in the form of appreciation. Hope I will keep getting kind appreciation for my every post from your side.

      Most importantly I did not give too much thought to this post and didn’t do even lot of research. Topic was so pleasing that ideas were coming effortlessly. Keep coming and encouraging me I know you do.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    I went through your previous post on micro blogging sites but I just glanced over the headings but did not care much reading it in depth. But this post is quite different, I enjoyed reading this post which just explained the beauty of writing. I don’t know if you are a freelance writer but if you are then you have a great future in blogging. One thing I did not feel like I was reading a native Indian writers words, for instance I felt like I am reading some western blogs.

    As you said we need to write for ourselves at the same time write things which are useful for others. It made me smile when you said bloggers have two languages one for Google and one for ourselves. Whatever it is I liked your writing style, hope I could read more of our posts in future.
    vijesh recently posted…8 Types of posts to Make your Readers Love your BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Vijesh,

      As you are very much in good height as a blogger and your every words making me wordless. One thing I noticed my effortless writing always works but the post I put lot of research doesn’t income much admiration.

      Yes, I do freelance writing, but blogging is more goal-oriented as my lot of energy directed towards this section. Loads of competition, the reason why I feel to make necessary changes and improvements.

      Yes certainly I have seen vast difference between write for google and write for yourself (laugh) that’s why I didn’t think twice to focus on it. Thanks for your viable feedback and keep coming to lift my spirit up.

  8. Hi.. i usually dont like reading much… but once i started reading ur post.. it was gud when i was through i didnt realised. Gud job

    1. Hi Swati, thanks for your worthy commends. Keep coming and I will come up with such enjoyable post in near future as well. Thanks again.

  9. Hi as usual wonderful post, one will find number of benefits while writing and I learned a lot from my writings that how to use and structure grammars properly.

    Writing not only provide us a knowledge but we can fascinate the audience who’re with similar interests.

    Naveen recently posted…Google Penguin Update 8th and 9th January 2014 –YouTube Videos Ranking High SpotsMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your words. Yes writing always gives you instead asking for anything in return. You might be agree with me. I always feel blessed in the company of writing be it structuring grammar or editing. All ingredients of writing is amazing. Keep coming.

  10. Hi Shiwangi,

    Thanks for a very inspiring post. I share your ambition to “grow more as a writer” and that’s why I’m focusing more on my writing and less on blogging this year. I also particularly agree with your point about the fact that writing can be very therapeutic – I certainly find it so.
    Susan Neal recently posted…How Writing Will Help You Keep That New Year ResolutionMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for dropping your viable comments. True I always want to write stuff in which I am good at but sometimes I restrict myself for following blogging pattern therefore for the readers I do change my genre. But whatever I write I enjoy. Thanks again for coming.

  11. Writing is an art. Normally art is a talent which God gives you by default but if we talk about this talent, this can be learned with practice.
    Thanks for providing an awesome article

    Rohit recently posted…How to get Genuine Traffic using Google+My Profile

    1. Hi Rohit,

      First of all thanks for your first time visit. I believe in God gift concept but there are some skill which can be enhanced or developed like writing skill.
      Most importantly the thing you enjoy is always great. Keep coming.

  12. Very beautiful post in the sense of Writing! 🙂
    Writing is something, which you can’t define in only words.
    You have to live in that way of words, you have to adsorb the mentality of people, you have to awake your inner conscious for developing this type of wonderful content.
    Such type of Awesomeness is always available there!

    Last but not least,
    Keep writing these types of content. I will surely come back to your blog.
    Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂
    Vivek Jain recently posted…Make Money with Google HelpOuts – Must Read Guide by Enstine MukiMy Profile

    1. First of all thanks for the first time visit. I pray my blog give you more chance to come to me.

      I awe that you liked my piece and can assure you that will try to write more proficiently. Agreed as you said that such kind of content demands peaceful mind with digging deep inside the depth.

      Keep coming to lift my spirit up.

      1. Approx. 2 hours before, I was only focusing on your finest content style. But, now I have become a big fan of your commenting style too.
        I will always come to your blog, whenever you will write something special. Thanks again for agreed with my conversation.
        Last but not least “Sharing is Caring, and Caring is Fun!”
        Always love to live in this blogosphere world. 🙂
        Vivek Jain recently posted…Make Money with Google HelpOuts – Must Read Guide by Enstine MukiMy Profile

        1. Oh your praiseworthy words making me wordless. Now I am more weighted with responsibilities as you used ‘fan’ term for me.

          I think that I have to live upto the expectations to lighten my heart. Yup sharing is caring therefore keep sharing. Thanks for a pleasing statements.

  13. I simply want to mention I am newbie to weblog and seriously loved this page. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You actually come with remarkable articles. With thanks for revealing your website.

  14. Nice work Dear Shiwangi, This is really nice ! Well Basically most of people share & thir idea & thought about it but they forget to write valuable points in their summary But I’m felling good to find this nice 🙂
    Disha Sharma recently posted…Valentine’s Day Greetings Cards – 2014My Profile

    1. Hi Disha, Sorry for late reply.
      Thanks for your appreciable feedback. Writing over any subject is not easy task but I discover that, effort I put is minor in this post but liked by most of the people. Its amazing feeling.
      Thanks and keep coming and share your ideas as I love to hear from you.

  15. Great article , i must say. You have very fine way of writing making article very interesting to read. Content is king of internet and this makes writing art very important. I am sure your article can inspire anyone. Keep writing such beautiful articles 😀

    1. Hi Pulkit,

      Thanks for your encouragement. I want to write myself such interesting article with full devotion. Your surety for my inspirational article is inspiring me lot. Keep coming and boosting me ever.

  16. Hi Shiwangi,
    Such a nice post, I really liked it. . .
    Agree we all write for money, but our writing won’t be good if we don’t write from heart!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Adithya,

      Thanks for positive feedback and encouragement.

      Rightly said we should write from heart so that we can excel far better rather than writing contrary to your choice.

  17. Hello Shiwangi,

    I agree with your all five point they are very use full to improve writing skills. A beautiful post in a beautiful way.

    1. Hi Puneet,
      Thanks for your beautiful thought coming out for my post.
      I am glad that you like all 5 points.
      Keep coming and sharing your viable insights.

  18. You can definitely see your skills within the work you write.

    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention
    how they believe. At all times go after your heart.
    games for girls recently posted…games for girlsMy Profile

    1. Hi,
      Yes I think passion always work and passionate writers always worthy for their readers.
      Thanks for coming again.

  19. wow this post is just awsome. I really enjoy reading this and I am amazed how can someone write that much interactively about writting .
    and yes offcorse your writting skills are just WOW
    Uday Ghulaxe recently posted…WordPress Vs Joomla. Which CMS should you choose?My Profile

    1. Hey Uday,
      What a nice comment for me.Thanks for your precious words that means a lot.
      Keep coming and sharing your views.

  20. Hi Shiwangi

    Interesting post and gives me a lot of inspiration

    In my experience doing exhaustive Internet research is the best way to be a writing profession.

    1. Hi Chandan,

      Thanks for first time visit. I am glad that You find my article inspirational which is my inspiration.

      Keep coming and encouraging me with your words.

      Have a nice day.

  21. thnx 4 sharing nice article ..really i enjoyed when i read ur article
    plzz keep it up like this..
    kapil sethi recently posted…Micromax Canvas A96 Features, Specification, Price, ReviewsMy Profile

    1. Hi Kapil,

      Nice to see you in my blog.
      Please you do keep coming and boost me up through your commendable words.
      It is best thing that you enjoyed reading my article.

  22. Seeing the metamorphosis of a simple housewife in to an amazing writer…Beautifully penned thoughts which I feel not only applies to the writing domain but in principle to every domain. Aren’t most of all thinking something and doing something else to sound practical and more acceptable. I remember seeing one interview of Mr. Raj Sippy the famous director behind SHOLAY movie saying he wanted to keep the ending simple by allowing both lead actors to retain their lives but the producer felt making a martyr out of one of them will cash in more dollars(Sigh).

    Lets be honest don’t we all at some or other level do things not to please our self but to others around us that matter(read boss). We all in all are turning into a society which in whole warmheartedness works on the money making spree but still would secretly dream it to change to a place
    “Where words come out from the depth of truth
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
    Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit”.

    At the end the question remains was it worth…Shiwangi your blog takes one tiny step in realizing the dream..Kudos!!!

    1. Hey dear Abhi,

      Love to see you first time in my blog and your long commendable comment is really incredible.
      Whatever I focused in my writing is indeed applicable in all spheres of life. But I have learnt to respect my own goals and dreams and realize that they are worth every minute spent to obtain them.

      Today I have the innate desire to succeed in the track where I am, not only for the financial purpose but for my inner well being.
      Truly stated as I have commenced my tiny step in the form of blogging.

      Thanks for stealing your precious time for writing for me, keep coming and enrich my blog with your worthy statement.

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    1. Hi Ranjeet,

      Thanks for vising first time to my blog. Keep coming and do come always.
      Yup I always think that I should write for myself but I want to figure out depth solution. Something like I can write for myself and still offering knowledge to others. If I will be able to fill this gap then I will consider myself self sufficient.

  24. Hi, why your blogs images are extra optimized. I loved the information but picture’s make me unhappy.
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    1. Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for the first time visit. Yep from now I will take care of over optimized images.
      Thanks a ton for letting me know my flaws which is good for improvement.
      Keep coming and share your views.

  25. I simply want to tell you that I am beginner to blogging and site-building and honestly savored your web page. Likely I’m going to bookmark your website . You amazingly come with exceptional writings. Appreciate it for sharing with us your blog.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Nice to see you in my blog. Thanks for the appreciation as it is the only pills that keep me working with excellence. I am glad that you are going to bookmark my website and may lot more yet to come will amaze you always.

      Thanks for your killing words and keep coming to treasure my blog.

  26. Well, I could say that I loved this post than any other posts of this blog !

    I can sense your passion in writing this article since you happened to be a dedicated passionate writer. Well, be the content ! It was awesome, the points were superb and I especially liked the concept ‘Writing for yourself’. I should not call it a concept, I should mention it as ‘THE REQUIREMENT’. Yes, it happened to be the requirement/necessity for any article to go viral.

    Good job 🙂
    Bhanu Chander recently posted…LinkedIn SMM – A complete guide for everyoneMy Profile

    1. Hi Bhanu,

      Yes you are right . Among all my venture this is my best stroke. I love every words of this article as it is written really from my heart. The subject is something that My pen was keeping the good pace with the my conception.

      This post is more importantly very very close to my heart.

      Writing for yourself is the result of good post. This post is wholeheartedly dedicated to my choice and if my choice become other choice then what can I ask for more than this.

      Thanks for your focus on my ideas. Keep coming.

      1. No need to thank, they are just my true words – that I felt to share and not for boosting !

        Well, I assume this blog as my own, and so will keep watching for new post 🙂

        – Bhanu
        Bhanu Chander recently posted…LinkedIn SMM – A complete guide for everyoneMy Profile

        1. Hi Bhanu,
          Oh its nice that you consider my blog as your own. well thanks for that. I am expecting the same you will come often to have your valuable views for my post. Thanks..

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  28. This is correct, Fantastic post,Awesome Post,good work keep it up…Thanks.
    Nandkishor Barve recently posted…Current Affairs April 2014My Profile

    1. Thanks Nandikishore for your awesome comment. Keep coming to share your ideas..

    2. Hi Again…. Thanks for your appreciation. keep visiting to my blog as lot more yet to come.

  29. A very nice post!!!

    Indeed, writing is wandering in the world of self-discovery…all encompassing and profoundly embracing.

    Here are few related thoughts…

    “Writing is Wonderful” – http://nrpin.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/writing-is-wonderful

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    1. Hi Nihar,

      Your explanation for the my post is extremely endearing. Writing is something I live for.

      It seems as if I am in very beautiful company which I cannot ever part from.

      Keep coming.

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  31. These are really great tips. This was a good chance for others to share their experiences. Thank you for sharing these kind of useful tips for others. Keep posting.

    1. Hi Akhil,

      Lovely to know that you liked the post and want to be back again with such post again. Let’s see..

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