5 Strong Pills to grow your Blog’s Comment

Leaving a thought provoking and insightful comment on a blog post along with a name, email address and link is not only a great way to get an inbound link but also improve your brand visibility and establish your place.

Do you follow commenting etiquettes or additional guidelines to submit your worthwhile comment?

What if I replace above sentence with conversation with your friends?

Do you think twice in indulging in discussion with your friends?

I do not think twice before commenting on my fellow blogger’s post or even replying them. You should also not sound robotic while commenting.

  • Replace fellow bloggers with friends.
  • Replace commenting etiquettes with conversation with your friend.

Say If I am wrong. I want to give one illustration through my own experience. Not many days passed when Pro blogger Donna Merrill shared one of my posts What I Have Learnt From My List Post by addressing me “My new blogging friend Shiwangi Shrivastava brings out very important topic”. This underlined sentence is very touching and the word friend strike your head bone.

The words like dear, friend, bro, sis and take care may sound unprofessional but make your comment more conversational and build your relationship further. In other word you can say Non professionalism keep your professionalism alive.

I am presenting some pronounced points which will grow your Blog’s comment. As I have got an extension in the number of comments. May noticeable stuff turned out to be helpful for you as well.

comments11. Consider comment as a welcome mat

Obviously if strangers come to your blog even you welcome them with your polite response. Suppose when any guest come to your house you welcome them by showing your hospitality. Similarly your blog is your sweet home so you should generate such warm effect via comments that his or her first visit turn into often visit.

2. Use strong and descriptive words

I don’t understand why every blogger try to make things simple may be it is their own style. According to me I love to incorporates variety of tactics. Lets take some illustration again.

 Don’t use                                Use

Really happy                           Ecstatic

Angry                                      Furious

Not every time I am saying to use such strong words but sometimes you should just to set your comment or post apart from others.

3. Build community with your replies

It is always sane to respond to the comment instant. It shows that how prompt and caring you are for your commenter. But sometimes due to your other liabilities if you are unable to respond back promptly, well in that in case you can express your excuse for the better harmony.

4. Always be ready to face vary in opinion

Remember you cannot please everyone with your thoughts in the post. You should respect your commenter’s point of view even if you disagree. Disagreement in views between commenter and replier does not mean that anyone is right or wrong. It just means that both sides have difference of opinions. You should be smart enough to find the midst way out so no sides get hurt.

5. Involve yourself in conversation

In my last post Women’s Day special-My 7 Favourite Women’s Blogger, me and Nirmala involved in conversation. I engaged Nirmala not only for increasing the numbers of comment but wanted to interact with her genuinely. Conversation builds relationship. Who else don’t want to be connected with friendly conversation? I always try my best to involve myself with my fellow bloggers oops friends.

Untargeted keywords again

I am happy to get more comments so I thought I should share my tips with my readers about growing Blog’s comment. I wanted to replace keywords or link building stuff with the interactions and relationship building. Whatever I am getting the response through building relationship not through targeting keywords.

CommentsBlog zone is my second home. Recently I am told that I can have better logo design in my blog. I frequently answer I have designed my blog with 50-60 comments, 70-80 likes for a post and few shares and still striving to get more members to add more value to design. Still need to grow more lot.

Lines for you

Comments make your blog more visible. Either your comment for others or earning comment for yourself the temptation should not lack that matters. Interaction with readers or fellow bloggers or friends is my keywords. Is this post is really pills for you or not. Do let me know through your priceless comments.

Celebrate Holi on a colorful note find the rainbow of your life. Very Happy Holi to all my friends.




Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Such a nice post Shiwnagi, thanks for sharing your worthy tips to get involve in blog commenting.

    I do agree with your tips and thanks for your suggestion in using the exact words. I often use the words “Really happy”, will try to change as you told.

    Aha! thanks for the mention again. Seriously, I wanna involve more in blog commenting and discussions under shared posts on social media. But I can’t do it effectively due to my time limitations.

    Thanks for revealing your guidelines to grow the comments on blogs, keep sharing your views 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…How To Use Google Plus To Increase Brand Awareness Of The Business?My Profile

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      I am glad that you liked it. But I said about to use some extraordinary words which many blogger does not prefer to do. What will happen if the post will be the blend of both happy and ecstatic. But my client was telling me don’t use extraordinary words. I was following him. But when it comes to write for my blog I thought I should present this point. Thought provoking words literally works.

      As we are bloggers so expectations are very high as far as content is concerned. Why should we not use those words that can be more involving. Don’t overdone it but in some places we can decorate our blog with such words.

      Thanks for coming and have conversation with me.

  2. Hi Shiwangi!!!

    The point that pleased me very much is, the welcome of newcomer on our Blog. I agree that if a person visits the blog very first, he/ she must not be ignored. Because they might have seen something different on the blog, that’s why they are leaving their thoughtful comment on the post.

    However, there are some plugin (Comment Redirect) by which you can welcome the new commenters on the blog in a good manner. The plugin sends the commenter to a new page where you can say thanks and welcome them on the blog.

    By the way, I like your analogies that you have used between friends and linking /blogging stuff. I agree that the comment must be the conversation just like normal friends. After getting a decent reply to the comment, the commenters will likely leave more thoughts on the blog posts.

    Thanks for the nice write up.

    Have a very Happy Holi you too 🙂
    Ravi Verma recently posted…Who is stopping You from Writing Your Next Blog PostMy Profile

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Nice to know about the comment plugin I will take care of that from now. Yes I have always emphasis on the new comer of the blog as their indulgence should be long lasting. Therefore their welcome should be endearing to that level that they will come to you often.

      Still need to know many more stuff to capture the attention of commenters. I am very surprised with the power of building relationship with your reader and fellow bloggers. The reason why I am earning the responses. Only the good post dos not beckon the reader to any blog. I want to earn more blog comment as the time goes rapidly and I love building relationship. There are many blogs who do not get comments but getting immense traffic. But I need to have comments as it keeps your spirit alive and encourage to work more.

      Excuse for late reply as I was busy in Holi. Thanks for sharing your commendable views.
      Do always come for the encouragement.

    2. Hello Ravi and Shiwangi,

      A informative post indeed for the importance of the comment on the blog post.
      Greeting a new visitor and replying to each and every comment on the blog post is a straight and simple but effective way to build relationship with a fellow blogger I mean a future friend in the blogoshphere.

      I hope Shiwangi, you don’t mind my this reply in between yours conversation with Ravi. Actually I want to thanks Ravi for informing me about the plugin (Comment Redirect).

      Thanks Ravi, I will give a try to this plugin. And Thanks you! both of you friend…
      Shivkumar recently posted…Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android ApplicationMy Profile

      1. Hi Shiv,

        Thanks for your insight for the post. When it comes to mention Ravi name is my pleasure.

        He is a nice blogger and I also appreciate his work indeed. If I missed some points and come to know through him is always good for me and for others as well. How can I dislike his favour.

        Yes I have even good friends in blogosphere with whom I go casually and there are many bloggers I respect their work and passion for blogging.

        Keep coming and share your precious words and thanks for the visit.

      2. Hi Shiv Kumar !!!

        I am glad to know you found that Information about the plugin useful. Moreover, That plugin also be used to build Email list.

        Glad to connect you here and on my blog as well.

        Thanks to Shiwangi too 🙂
        Ravi Verma recently posted…Oh my Gosh! I Just Suspected a Ghost on My BlogMy Profile

        1. Hi Ravi,

          Yes what you mentioned about comment plugin is indeed useful and informative which is helpful for many.

          Keep advicing if I miss out something and thanks for updating me as well.

          Keep coming and share your views.

  3. I say a great post at this level! Seriously I found that I am reading a post from an experienced blogger who knows the value of comments, discussions and relationships. Keep it up. Keep learning! Keep writing!

    Comments are things which shows others that the blog is active. A huge number of comments doesn’t mean that you are getting millions of page views but it looks good!

    I know many blogs which don’t get much comments but gets huge traffic!

    But yes, I love to get comments on my posts! 🙂
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…Should I Remove It: How to Identify the Removable Programs? [Review]My Profile

    1. Hi Bro,

      It is indeed good to know about You liked the post. The way you are denoting me with experienced blogger is awesome experience for me.

      Comments plays very vital role in showing that your blog is having appealing response.
      I am so similar to you as you said You love to get comments on post. That feeling also come in my mind when I don’t get much comments I get my nerve down.

      Thanks for being here always.

  4. Hi Shiwangi,

    Such creative post and useful tips to enhance blog commenting. You know when i start blogging i replied every comment but with the passage of time i start ignoring and the result i lost my permanent blog commentator.

    A few times some people criticize my post through their comment but i always approve their comment and take them as a motivator by giving an effective reply.

    Involvement in social discussion introduce and connect us with more people to sell our opinion. And i know these tips you cover in this post are your own experience, you already following and got succeed to make a brilliant commentator community for your blog.

    Anyway thanks dear for such a nice post and keep sharing your creative mind with us.
    Rupali Gupta recently posted…Step by Step Guide to Root Moto GMy Profile

    1. Hi Rupali,

      Nice to see you on my blog again. Yep as you said I don’t involve in comment. But you should motivate yourself to increase your blog comment. If you would like to remain in touch with everyone around.

      If you get any harsh response even you approve that comment then I appreciate you for that. Many people doesn’t approve because of their difference in thought. They should not commit such mistake. You should be prompt for presenting in and ever acceptable to the situation that you cannot her in this world please everyone..

      Thaks for sharing your ideas and do always come for the encouragement.

  5. Dear Shiwangi,

    You have came up with an interesting post.

    Yes i agree with you my friend. Just leaving insightful comment on other blog doesn’t matter. you are asking all the bloggers to grow better relationship with one another. This surely works out. But here i wanna agree the points of Atish Ranjan, “A huge number of comments doesn’t mean that you are getting millions of page views but it looks good! I know many blogs which don’t get much comments but gets huge traffic!”.

    Even my blog doesn’t having more comments, but am getting more traffic and earning more from adsense and from affiliate marketing. If you work hard for getting more comments, you can’t earn money. Because most of the comments are done by the bloggers like you and me. They don’t click any ads and they don’t buy any affiliate products from your blog. If you sell any products through your blog, it may be, by the new visitor(Newbie).

    Regular readers, just read your post and make comment. If you are a blogger and interested in earning money, comment is not a matter. But, the comment will work out, if you think like “Harsh Agarwal”. He made a post “How A Single Blog Comment Made $650 For Me & Takeaway For You”. Read more: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/blog-comment-made-650-dollars.html

    Then usage of words like dear, friend and take care will surely works for getting new relationships.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this dear. Have a nice day and take care. Bye my Friend.
    Nirmal Anandh recently posted…Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal – Mahaangalum AdhisayangalumMy Profile

    1. Hi Nirmal,

      Thanks for your information. But sometimes I feel I am not here in blogosphere just to earn money but to get to know different points of view for your finished piece is really something good.

      Blogging has given me few very good and helping friends which means a lot to me.

      But your suggestion cannot be avoidable. I need to concentrate on adsense and organic traffic.

      I am not giving a serious thought to keywords research all that. But from now I will take care of that also.

      But one thing is sure I want to get both, the comments and earning through adsense and affiliate market.

      I will definitely check shoutmeloud piece so that my interest of comments can get some bucks also.
      Thanks for the updation with useful knowledge.

      Have a nice day ahead and do come to share your ideas.

  6. Hello Shiwangi,

    A great post again. Using powerful words sometimes work well but using common words are good too. Mixture of these can be used. I agree what you have said about blog comments. Comments look like the life line of a blog. aren’t they?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes my views are similar to your point of views. Mixture of strong words and common words both are good to use. But sometimes We should narrate extraordinary words in our post. I see in writing tips post always emphasis on using simple words. I also believe we should make it simple but in few places enrich your post with unusual words.

      Without comments I feel like fish out of water. Thanks for coming and share your ideas.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    First I want to tell you how grateful I am that you mentioned me in this post! I am truly honored!

    Commenting is something that we all need to do as bloggers. We go to a blog, leave the best comment we can, but then what is so important is to share the post on social media.

    As you referred to my comment above I used the term “My new friend” and that is true. because I just met you and yes, you are my new blogging friend! That simple sentence will show my followers I have a new friend and maybe they will come to visit you.

    It is all about go-giving. We, as bloggers, need t support each other. This is what I find the most exciting thing about blogging. I meet people all over the world, follow their blogs, get to know them and sometimes become good friends.

    The one thing I would suggest you put on your blog is the “CommentLuv” plugin. This way people can just click your post when you leave a comment and go right to your blog.

    Keep going my friend! You are great!


    donna merrill recently posted…Is Your Blog A Graveyard?My Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for imparting me those few stuffs which might be known to me but was not very concerned about it.
      From now by your saying I will take care of that nuances.

      Sharing is always caring be it sharing ideas and be it sharing post of your blogging friends. I am looking forward to indulge in it with more efforts.

      I really liked the idea as you said regarding friend mention is very helpful for me because I will get your friends click also. You are great helping friend ever met.

      This is also true that we get to know various people and sometimes become good friend and interaction and compatibility is out of this world in blogosphere. I have few good friends here and looking forward to get more.

      I have already comment luv plugin may be my post was not visible due to some reason I am gonna check it.
      Thanks for coming again and enrich my blog.

  8. All the points u have raised are right to the point however I may have a different opinion on point #2 that suggests the use of descriptive words.. Being a blogger and a content writer I feel I would use word ‘angry’.

    nice blog indeed.

    1. Hi Sumant,

      Happy to see you on my blog first time. Yep you are right as a blogger we should use ‘really’ but I write in my post that sometimes you can fill your blog with some extraordinary words. Mixture of both is good na. Don’t you think so.

      BTW keep coming and share your views.

  9. Very nice post shiwangi…Your tips will help many bloggers in growing the comments on their blog..I often get more comments on my blog especially when I write something which is interesting….You are really doing excellent work by writing such amazing useful post for those who get very less comments on their blogs….
    Mohit recently posted…Karbonn Titanium Hexa Launched At Rs16,990 :Best Smartphone In Rs20,000?My Profile

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Thanks for the commend. You know when I see less comment in my blog I feel very demotivated.
      My blog should be choc-a-bloc with comments and exchanging comments is little time consuming but the motivation you get from it is out of this world.

      But it is also correct that your blog is doing well and you are not getting comment. Many blogger are not much concerned about the comment but for the traffic. Everybody has a their own respective choice. I need both hah.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

  10. hiii Mam..

    I have a very different domain.will it be beneficial to comment on blogs with some other niche.
    will it be beneficial if i add facebook comments in my posts.
    vijay recently posted…Best offer on books by flipkartMy Profile

    1. Hi Vijay,

      First of all welcome to the blog. So what if you have different domain it does not mean that you cannot comment on other blogs of other niche.

      You cannot add in your post facebook comment. May you keep doing good by following few stuff.

      Thanks for coming and keep sharing your views.

  11. Hi,

    What can I say ? A very beautiful and well versed post.
    I agree with you that ‘using more friendlier comments will be more effective’. Thanks for writing this. I especially appreciate your way of writing, putting everything in an interesting and grammatical way.

    Bhanu Chander recently posted…Triberr basics | How to create an account and link blog postsMy Profile

    1. Hey Bhanu,

      Nice to see you again in my blog and thanks for the acknowledgement.

      Yes I believe whatever we do we should do it with elation and there should be some spice and temptation which should not lack anyway.

      Yep this also true that we cannot go casual and friendly with everyone but with someone you feel like you should go with the twist and turns in the word with them.

      Keep coming to enrich my blog.

  12. I am new to the world of blogging and learning fresh things everyday. I must thank you for sharing this post. And am hoping to see similar informative posts from you in near future! With fellow bloggers…oopss sorry, i mean friends like you, I am sure i will learn soon!
    Take care 🙂
    Tuhin recently posted…Whiten Your Teeth With Banana PeelsMy Profile

    1. Hi Tuhin,

      Love to see you in my blog first time. I hope you will keep learning new stuff from my blog and trust me this is the best thing for me if you learn.

      Yep I am looking forward to give my reader something tricky.
      Keep reading there is lot more yet to come.
      Take care and do have a good day.

  13. Hi Shiwangi,

    Wonderful post indeed 🙂

    Sorry for being a little late, just been overwhelming for me lately, though I’m glad I’m here now! Yes indeed, you mentioned the right tips to grow blog comments, and I think seeing the number of comments you’ve started getting on your posts, we know it works.

    I think when you comment from your heart, and spend time to write a valuable and meaningful comment after reading the post, there is no way you’d not touch a chord with the blog owner through your comment. Comments are the lifeline of a blog and if we can connect with others through them, then why not.

    You can only get better in commenting on blogs once you visit more blogs, interact with others, reply to your blog comments and build relationships with fellow bloggers, isn’t it? I’ve seen the results and they work wonders for sure.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…SYPS: Are You Facing These Family Problems in Your LifeMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena Mam,

      If you are supporting my thought for the comment for a blog then what can I ask for more. Yep more than your words your action speak as I can see rain of comments in your blog. Literally it is not easy task to get comment after comment.

      You are queen of comment and you can understand the worth of it better than anyone. When I don’t get my friends comment I feel always something missing and my blog look isolated without it.

      Number of comments gives me positivity and motivate me to work more. Getting it in a bulk is not easy task. But you are managing it perfectly and I am still in the process of learning.

      Thanks for coming and overwhelmed with your response.

      Last but not the least better late than never and you spare few precious time of yours for comment,
      Thanks for it indeed.

  14. hi,you are right.But can we make a comment excange center for blogger .means we can make a blogger association we will visit each other blog that can help us to know our blog
    joti recently posted…Find your lost android phone by xtrasec appMy Profile

    1. Hi Joti,

      Yep you are right we should have such association to build good relationship to with our fellow bloggers and we come to know each other. Sounds exciting I am supporting your thought.

      Have a nice day and go come to have strong bond.

  15. Hey sis. 🙂 Yeah, that’s all very common sense and great advice. I probably have half a dozen comments on my blog since I started it a few years ago. I should try to drive up the comments, but I rarely comment elsewhere. (This blog is a rare exception.)

    By the way, Shiwangi, I don’t know if you’re aware of the A-Z of Blogging month for April? I have signed up. It’s an A to Z (You choose a topic that begins with A, at the beginning of April, and then you post every day (excluding Sundays, I think) till you have 26 posts at the end of the month – your last topic starts with Z. So you might blog about apples, bananas, chocolate and dilemmas in your first four posts. You know? I have signed up for it. It might drive hits to your site, but obviously it’s quite time consuming and you seem to be hugely successful with your regular blogging. Best wishes to you anyway. Hope Holi was happy! 🙂
    Richard recently posted…1000th Tweet from Ragtag GiggagonMy Profile

    1. Hi Richard bro,

      Oops I am glad that my blog is exceptional you leave your precious comment here.
      Thanks you made my day. Yep my focus on for driving comment to my blog is general but many people don’t follow sincerely. May my post will be healthy reminder for those who is forgetting the importance of comments.
      I need to see my blog with lots of comments that give me immense energy. May be not everyone feel the same. But I am like that. Thanks for share your views.

      And I did not get properly about A to Z procedure can you please send me link of it. So that I will think of sign it up as well.

      Keep coming and love to see you again.

        1. Thanks for the link. I will inform you what I will decide.

  16. Hey Shiwangi, Nice post. The title you used was very good. It might be a little offensive to some but it was a great way to grab attention. It something that I would have added to this list. All in all I personally think 3rd and 4th are more important.

    1. Hi iDev,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      Yep I always focus on title as first impression is the last impression that is why I do take care of my title lot. I feel that the points you liked is also my favourite.

      You do come again and share your views as I love to hear from you.

      1. That’s really great Shiwangi. And sorry I forget to mention my name Bhavesh Patel. Extremely sorry for that.

        1. Hi Bhavesh,

          No issue with name. As you know it is already appear in when you comment. Thanks for coming and do always come.

  17. You have weaved an interesting post Shiwangi. However, I am afraid your suggestion to use strong words may not appeal to all. When I say, “I am really happy”, it is a spontaneous expression of feeling which the word “ecstatic” won’t convey.
    Kidambi Badri recently posted…Which books to read to earn a full time income by blogging.My Profile

    1. Kidambri Badri,

      Thanks Sir for treasure my blog with your words. Yep I was knowing that many people will not appreciate the way of using extraordinary words. That is why I instantly said also do not over done it but in few places you can use such words to make your blog stand apart.

      Yep happy easily reach into the soul but strong words can make your blog strong for sometimes only. What is your say in that. I need to know.

      Thanks for sharing your worthy ideas with me.

  18. Shiwangi, you have written a very useful and educative post.It is not that easy to grow your blog’s comments.It needs lot of patience,it needs a genuine effort to connect with your visitors and you have rightly pointed out the need for having conversation with your readers
    Karnal Singh recently posted…Medical Specialist / Consultant Vacancy Ganga Ram Hospital DelhiMy Profile

    1. Hi Karnal,

      Thanks for the appreciation and hope you will get always useful information in pensitdown.
      Comment is something I feel motivated therefore it is tough for me to survive without comment on my blog post.

      Thanks for sharing your views on post. Keep coming.

  19. Hi, Shiwangi Di

    A Wonderful post is indeed on your blog. as you have said in your blog post comments looks very impressive on your post . and this is also helps to rank your post and viral your content . and some work is your writing skill , your all contents are very impressive and helpful for every one .

    Thanks to share these amazing tips 🙂
    Siddharth Sharma recently posted…Top 5 free Best Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014 – Collection #1My Profile

    1. Hi Sidharth bro,

      Oh your appreciation is certainly healthy for me to keep me my writing muscle fit. Yup comment is something I live for and keeps me going. It adds zing to my life. I need to see my blog with full of comments otherwise I will land in pressure. I cannot see my blog isolated it will definitely kill me.

      Thanks for your motivational words and do keep coming.

  20. Hi Shiwangi Shrivastava Good Job My dear Nice Articels Thanks for Sharing , I Hope next Articels Is Power Full And help Full Content Thanks alot Your post is good 🙂 i like
    Unaiza NaaZ recently posted…7 Great Ways That Really Work! Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

    1. Hi Unaiza,

      Thaks for coming first time and for sharing your views.

  21. Very nice and informative post – for everyone.

    1. Hi Kara,

      Nice to see you to my blog and thanks for the appreciation. Keep coming..

  22. Hello Shiwangi
    nice and clean article.. again i wanna say just wowww
    thanx for the post
    Happy Blogging
    kapil recently posted…Oppo N1 Mini with 13 megapixel camera,5 Inch Display Officially launchedMy Profile

    1. Hey Kapil,

      Its lovely to see your often visit. Yeah without comment I feel something is missing in my post. I want always loads of comment for my every post. Thanks for your appreciation.

  23. Hi Shiwangi,
    I enjoyed reading your post. It is written in simple, clear, easy-to-understand language.
    Comments are a way for your readers to let you know if your posts are meeting their needs. Most great and well-received posts are conceived from readers comments.

    You have offered great tips for increasing comments on a blog. Like you, I enjoy reading and responding to comments. They remind me of why I decided to start a blog and motivate me to stay focused to achieve that goal.

    A memorable comment should be heart-felt and truthful. There are times to be assertive and times to be gentle. Finding a good balance between those two when necessary, works like magic.

    You rightly emphasized the importance of networking with other bloggers through comments on their blogs. Apart from the moral support and potential for increased visibility, it also helps you gain a lot of knowledge. In this business, learning does not stop and no amount of learning is too much!

    Keep up the great work, you’re on your way to the top!
    Onyeka recently posted…Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Ought To AvoidMy Profile

    1. Hi Onyeka,

      Your lovely comments for my post really flattered me immensely. This is it I personally feel breathless when I do not have single comments on my blog post. It kills me like hell. I am very fond of comment.

      Comments should be authentic and should be generous to please the readers and bound them to access to your blog.

      Your warm welcome will really attract many more and more readers and make them loyal for your blog.

      Is not this sounding everything in your hand.

      To win maximum readers for your blog you need to first of all stick to your fellow bloggers. As you said it really increase visibility and your all above lines are completely adorable and push me write more stuff something like that.

      Thanks for your first visit and made a remarkable statement. Keep coming.

  24. Hi Shiwangi,

    Being a blogger i love to see meaningful comments on my blog. It indicate readers engagement and sometimes it depicts huge followership. Blog commenting is the secret weapon to building brand and authority.

    Thank you for tips on always consider comment as welcome.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad
    Yasin Rishad recently posted…Best WordPress Theme Sites Choose Amazing Template from HereMy Profile

    1. Hey Yasin,

      I agree with your every word and I feel branding is most essential part of blogging so that you will get more followers and engagement. Keep coming..

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