5 Free Instagram Audience Analytics Tools

5 Free Instagram Audience Analytics Tools

People use Instagram like crazy but there are many norms they are not aware of so I would like to present useful information in case you are not having idea about the same. Yes I am taking about free Instagram tools that will help you to track Instagram analytics. This will show you the engagement of your page. Instagram metrics are more important than other social media sites and why this do you know?

Instagram can create better conversion and can benefit you on the go and your marketing efforts will not go in vein. So pick atleast two of the best free Instagram tools to get the desirable result in terms of gaining sales.


Read on techniques to grow your Instagram audience with the help of free Instagram tools


1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare offers great solution as it audits 30 recent posts and track the profile is having perfect insights. This platform is helping in generating competitive hashtag and helped lot in planning the content performance. It leads to the unmatched channel growth. It also offers scheduling your content so it will benefit you as the post is going to be live on time where most of the audience will gather.


2. Instagram insights

Instagram insights are also good platform in analyzing the metrics. You will get the accessibility of your followers are male or female and from which place. This analytics are deep and you will maximum knowledge out of this.



3. Keyhole

Keyhole is good in tracking the trending hashtag which is good for brand’s campaign and giveaways. This is perfect in generating the Instagram engagement.



4. Analisa

Analisa is most flexible tool and this is one of the best influence marketing tools. This is free service but offers most of the advanced features. It has both category free and premium plan. It tracks the engagement rate, posting activity and audience engagement. It also tracks average posts and better influencer’s performance.


5. Pixlee

Pixle is also free Instagram tools that offer weekly reports of engagement, and other metrics to attract new followers. It can analyze the influencer who is having top content and it also includes tracking the growth in followers and which post is performing best comparatively. It is good for both personal and for business profile.


You also let me know which is your free instagram tools and why. I generally use Instagram insight and this is effective in covering profile analysis and compile best research. So this goes well and very user friendly.


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  1. I have been making use of keyhole.
    I bet I need to try some others.
    Tha is for the tips

  2. keyhole is best tool ever and user friendly

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