4 Biotique Products for Kids


Biotique all the products are so generous and it comes for all age group. Biotique Botanicals for kids are amazing as I am using it for my baby. It makes your baby’s skin softer than soft in this rude winter season. I have 4 products of Biotique to review. Biotique Apple Twist Shampoo, Biotique Honey Sunshine Lotion, Biotique Bio Almond Oil and Biotique Bio Berry Body Wash. All the four are very impressive and literally worked for my baby for winter as there are no side effects for the sensitive skin of baby as well. Read on the review of super nourished products from Biotique.

Biotique Honey Sunshine for Kids

Price: Rs 280

Net Vol. 190ml



This Honey Sunshine is the composition of Aloevera, Methi, Madhu, Ankurit Gehun, Kusumbhi Oil, Chinai Ghas, Bees Wax, Moonfali Oil and Purified Water.

The whole ingredients are wonder for your kid’s body as it is skin-friendly. The touch of Honey Sunshine lotion on your baby’s body is full pampered. It soft texture and fragrances nourishes the skin from within and keeps it away from drying in winter. As the winter is approaching, this lotion is absolute solution of the dry skin. Apply twice in a day for more soft and silky skin of your kid.

Biotique Botanicals Apple Twist Shampoo for Kids

Price: Rs 175

Net Vol: 200 ml



Apple Twist is the composition of Chinai Ghas, Mandukaparni, Shikakai, Ghritkumari, Ritha, Seb, Coconut Oil, Nucifera and Purified Water.

Apple Twist Shampoo takes off all the dust from your hair and makes it thicker and shinier. The gentle wash with this will give more rich experience to your baby’s soft hair. Its texture and fragrance is light and sophisticated. It has no harmful chemicals and dissolves well in your hair. Once you will wash your baby’s hair then rinse well.

Biotique Botanicals Bio Berry Body Wash

Price: Rs. 180

Net Vol. 190 ml



Bio Berry Body Wash is the composition of Banhaldi, Tesu, Neem, Gajar, Madhu, Aloe Vera, Ritha, Indian Berry, Purified Water.

This Bio Berry Body wash is so gentle on baby soft skin. The texture and saint of the mixture is mild. To use it you need to put little water in jar and mix this body wash to make solution. Apply all over the body thoroughly and rinse well while bathing.

Biotique Botanicals Almond Oil

Price: Rs. 150

Net Vol. 200 ml



Kusumbhi Oil, Erandi Oil, Neem Oil, Soya Oil, Badam Oil, Surajmukhi Oil, Malkangni Oil, Sesamum Oil.

This almond oil is amazing when you apply it on your baby’s skin. It goes inside the pores deeply and makes skin healthier by stimulating it. The chemical free almond oil is pure and extra healthy for the baby skin.

About Biotique

Biotique is known for its transparency. It offers best natural products and it is no way harsh on the skin. I have used it on my baby’s skin all the four items and I cannot spare myself saying that it pampers my baby’s skin. You can fix the wintery super dry skin with Biotique products naturally that will give you intense moisture hit.

You can buy all the products from www.Biotique.com also.

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2 Responses to "4 Biotique Products for Kids"

  1. Keziah says:

    its very delicate with the baby skin. thanks for sharing this good article

    • Shiwangi Shrivastava says:

      Hi Keziah,

      Biotique product is absolutely amazing to give your baby’s skin best treatment as if you feel secured.

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