3 Instances reveals psychological satisfaction of blogger and audience

Why a clear sunny day the sky above us looks bright blue. In the evening the sunset puts on a brilliant show of reds, pinks and oranges.

  •  Why the sky is blue?
  • What makes the sunset red?

Here I want to co-relate above questions with blogging. Don’t you discover various blogging related queries in your mindset while blogging. Do you ask unanswered question and try to read between the lines.

images (9)There is longing in all of us go beyond the boundaries. You experiment you with yourself. You will discover that you are flying sans any limitations. Similarly reaching beyond your target audience is always embracing.

When you choose one topic, lets take single instance of my latest post “3 instances reveals psychological satisfaction of blogger and audience” you can present this one topic in multiple ways. It can be explained in SEO manner or it can be explained in Poetic manner.

What is bloggers psychological satisfaction or audience psychological satisfaction. Is it SEO based description or Poetic based description.

A very symbiotic relationship between the two. Only then the masses have the best of both the worlds. 

pensitdownAs the energy of the radiation depends on its wavelength and frequency. Similarly bloggers always feel that it is their duty to give the audience the best. According to my experience it is true that I cannot feel satisfied unless I reach out to the people and explain what I have written. It is the need in me to see people resonate with the thoughts inside me. That feeling is called bloggers psychological satisfaction.

As we expect from spectrum to bestow its seven different beautiful colors similarly audience judge blogger as a spectrum. They want to see the different shades of thought dwells inside the blogger. They need more from us than just hard-hitting practical content. Sometimes they want different shades of connection, conception, passion, authority, personality and trust from blogger. The blogger’s goal of extending the conversation into a relationship is defined as audience psychological satisfaction.

Bloggers and audience are the two sides of one coin. It indeed depends upon your objectives of your niche, subject and of course your interest. Your interest should be solely interconnected with your audience. You shed hours after hours to impress your audience to earn appreciation and word of encouragement. The mismatch of bloggers throw and audience catch can exploit the opportunity of being cynosure.

I want to nominate 3 instances which reveals psychological satisfaction of blogger and audience. Lets have a attention:

1.  As the spectrum is also visible when you see a rainbow in the sky. Here you can assume rainbow as an audience and spectrum denoted as a blogger. It means  bloggers are also visible when audience notice them. What if I will keep writing and nobody going to watch, it is a biggest nightmare ever. Therefore I think that we should blog in a tricky way so that become the win win for the psychological satisfaction for both sides.

2.  As roads and streets are meant for motorist and pedestrians. This situation describes as motorist and pedestrians know their path where to move so that any mishap can be avoided. Similarly content on the web meant to be shared. I think its blogger responsibility to make it easy for your audience or readers to share your blog post in their social network. Bloggers content should leave thought provoking impact on audience mind that they should be compelled to visit your blog often times.

3. What if you followed the wind to see where it goes. What if audience follow your  every moves you take. When audience are listening to you completely, attentively, then audience or readers  are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it not the part of it. Its really tremendously satisfactory someone is following your blog like a wind.

images (8)Be it a poetic explanation or seo explanation the important thing is that it should be embraced through audience. I agree that audience psychological satisfaction is bloggers psychological satisfaction. But not the case with vice-versa.

Final words- Life is about becoming more than we are. We abide good deeds for ours and others well-being. The same with blogging, it gives security and affords psychological satisfaction to blogger and audience both. It promotes confidence to blogger to provide elite performance tactics to audience whereas it promotes confidence to audience to get readworthy stuff  from blogger.

Stay tuned.

Shiwangi Shrivastava

This is shiwangi shrivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hi Shiwangi,

    I think you explained it all very well in your post 🙂

    Bloggers should write for the audience or their readers, but not only for them and the search engines. They should also write in things they believe in or about what they like to write about because then you also have the authority to talk about it, isn’t it?

    I think a perfect kind of post is the one a blogger writes for his readers, though on a topic that he or she also believe in and wants to write about. The best of the posts are thus then created.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…What Makes a Healthy Relationship WorkMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your generous feedback. Yep I indeed abide the same genre that is why I wanted to justify the title in this manner, hope I extracted all considerable element in satisfactory way.

      I always focus on the concept of writing for myself and at the same time want to look after the readers point of view. I think we should be tricky in balancing both sides as you are already master in it but I am still striving.
      Thanks again keep coming to put your priceless words. Stay blessed.

  2. Very nice post! Blogging is all about sharing your own views and ideas but as we all want our blogs to be read by huge number of audience, we should also understand that what kind of articles are being read more than others and then write the posts.

    Keep writing! great post.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…How to Create MySQL Database in CPanelMy Profile

    1. Hi Atish,

      Keep coming your generous words throwing lot of enthusiast.
      Sharing your views is very vital to keep the spirit alive, I guess this is called blogging. Atish tell me mantra of getting attention from your audience, as you are perfect in it. Thanks a ton.

  3. It’s again a very good thought from your account!
    Bloggers and Audience relation is something like Teacher and students or can say Coach and the trainers.
    Here, most of the students and trainers will always agree with your opinions, but a few exceptions never agree with your point of views.
    You always have to neglect those people and work continue by improving your skills with the passion.
    If you stuck b/w the questions of a few negligible remedies, then you can’t overcome from that direction. It’s my personal experience, which I shared here!
    Thanks again for your precious writing. 🙂
    Have a happy week ahead!
    Vivek Jain recently posted…7 Real Ways to Make Money Online with your Hobbies in 2014My Profile

    1. Hi Vivek,

      I awe your above terms and I am thankful for your honest guidance.
      Whenever I write It doesn’t means that it should be cynosure for everyone. It cant be feasible that all will appreciate my points. Agree to disagree is not my cup of tea and expect the same from my fellow bloggers.
      See, I embrace all sort of comments be it positive or negative as positive words will boost me to excel and condemn will teach me to excel both are extracting good from me.

      Thanks a ton for sharing your precious views and as you say sharing is caring.
      Keep coming.

  4. In a nutshell everything is based on huge audience and when it comes to blogging, we should build audience by giving them what they like.

    If most of my audiences likes ‘affiliate marketing’ and if we write about ‘how to write blog post’ won’t help them much (may help a bit).

    So we should know what our readers are interested and write blog posts according to it.

    Well written post.
    Naveen recently posted…Top 15 One Page WordPress Themes 2014My Profile

    1. Hi Naveen
      Thanks for your continuous response for my post.
      As I always say that audience is important but you should also not loose connection with yourself while blogging.

      Yep we should at the same time look after the readers ethics as well.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Very nice post! Blogging is all about sharing your own views and ideas but as we all want our blogs to be read by huge number of audience, we should also understand that what kind of articles are being read more than others and then write the posts.
    Keep writing! great post.
    Ahsan Ali recently posted…How To Optimize Your RSS FeedsMy Profile

    1. Hi Ahsaan,

      Welcome to my blog first time. Yep I also believe I should keep writing till the time freeze.
      My finger is crossed I hope that I will keep trying my best delivery till I am blogging.
      Thanks and keep coming..

  6. These are in fact impressive ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some fastidious points here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  7. A very thought-provoking post, Shiwangi. I like your point about readers listening to the feelings behind the words we write. I think it’s very important not to underestimate the emotional impact of our posts – we need to reach out to our readers’ hearts as well as their heads. If we can get onto their emotional wavelength, they’re much more likely to return and read more.

    Thanks very much 🙂
    Sue Neal recently posted…Writing Priorities: Why I’ll Be Doing Less Blogging This YearMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for stealing your precious time for responding me. I am still finding the way out to inject my thought into readers vein so that they will be bounded to visit my blog.
      May I will be able to do all that without being mediocre. Reaching to the mind and soul of the readers and audience is not everyones forte. How do you managing to bag so many followers, no why I am asking I know the reason behind it because of your good work. This is what keeping you to those place where everyone want to go.
      Thanks again for your precious feedback.

  8. Hi Shiwangi !!!

    I am very pleased to read such a nice comparative post. Its true that every blogger has got the responsibility to create and provide compelling content to the audience.

    What the benefit of the the writing which is not useful. Are we writing for Ghost ? No. If we have chosen this blogging platform then the prime aim must to spread the valuable reads to the world. Which in term comes as psychological satisfaction according to this post.

    I have seen a lot of people. especially the newbies, follows some of the experts bloggers. Now its becomes a duty of the expert bloggers to show them the perfect way towards success, because the newbies will do the same as their mentor will do.

    Well I enjoyed it as Its rare to see such posts now a days. keep sharing your thoughts !!!

    Ravi Verma recently posted…5 Awesome Ways to Create Relationship with BloggersMy Profile

    1. Thanks for considerable statement. Whatever you above mentioned is remarkable.
      I feel really the same, I have seen helping hands whenever I need, not only Atish but other fellow bloggers also come ahead for the help. Blogger should eveready for the helps because where newbie will go if they will not get support from them.
      Keep coming and keep sharing your priceless thought.

  9. This post is very unique…I think if you keep writing such posts your blog will definitely get very famous Shiwangi…You have tried to inter-relate blogging and some of the questions that common people ask…Every blogger thinks of satisfying the audience and it is only possible when he is himself satisfied.

    Psychological satisfaction of audience gets guaranteed when a blogger writes good content on his blog..You are providing perfect information and something which is really very cool..Your blog readers are definitely satisfied here…
    Mohit recently posted…5 Reasons Making People Attracted to Buy Moto GMy Profile

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Seeing you long time in my blog. Its so nice of you that you are saying nice words for me.
      I was literally at the time of writing not finding the way what to write, nothing new it happens with all blogger when they are about to write something.

      Hope I will be doing good work always for my audience that they should not tired of me ever.
      Its not as that easy to keep your reader happy everytime.

      Thanks for coming and keep coming for dropping your valuable views.

  10. Hi Shiwangi,

    Bloggers should make an article based on the audience and their readers, not for search engines which is full of keywords. I agree with this!

    Nice article and you present it well, Shiwangi 😉
    Hoping you have a nice day.

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…MetaPro Glasses VS Google GlassMy Profile

    1. Hi Nanda,

      First of all, thanks for first time visit.
      I agree with your thought but I think the magic happen when the balance of blogger and audience will be happy. Pleasing both sides more admirable and it depends only on bloggers tricks to maintain his interest and readers interest as well.

      Thanks for dropping your valuable comment and keep coming for lot more.

      Stay tuned and stay blessed.

      1. Hi Shiwangi,

        Thank you for the warm welcome
        Yes, this is the first time I stopped by here. You know, I saw your blog from your comment on another blog 🙂

        Yes, I have the same opinion with you. To be able to create a balance between the blogger and the audience, a blogger have to love what is discussed on their blog. Of course, they also need to know the interest of their readers.

        Thanks for the advice, Shiwangi.
        Hoping you have a great day.

        Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…MetaPro Glasses VS Google GlassMy Profile

        1. Hi Nanda,

          Don’t you think that commenting is a best way to get to know more fellow blogger.
          Gradually blogger turned into friend, this is the best way to build relation with each other.

          Have a great day.

          1. Hi Shiwangi,

            Yes, I think so and I feel it immediately.
            By commenting on other blogs, indirectly I also feel closer to the blog owner. As you said, this is the best way to build a good relationship with each other 😉

            Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Really Useful iPad Tips You Probably Didn’t KnowMy Profile

          2. Hi Nanda,

            Thanks for coming and expressing yourself about good relationship.
            Keep coming and always stay fit.

      2. It’s like you’re on a misosin to save me time and money!

        1. It is nice to know

  11. I loved reading the article and agree with you! Quality content for readers are must! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂
    Gowthami recently posted…Maybelline Hyper sharp Eye Liner Review, Swatch, FOTDMy Profile

    1. Hi Gowthami,

      Nice to see you in my blog first time. Thanks for agreeing my description about my post.
      Keep coming and lot more yet to come.

  12. Hello shiwangi,
    Very ultimate guide. Every word you wrote has an effective meaning. The main aim of every blogger should be attract more and more readers whiting relevant content not just think to make money. Blogging should be treated as a marathon not as a race to deliver active returns. Right?

    I really liked your blog as you always share very unique and rare articles. We respect your hardwork shiwangi. Thanks for sharing this ultimate guide.

    Have a great day. I am eagerly waiting for your next post.
    Happy Blogging. 🙂
    nikhil ganotra recently posted…Understanding the problems with your site structure and how to correct themMy Profile

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      Love to see your great elaborated words for me.
      I know I am going contrary to the analytics of search engine but I am happy that you are loving my post.
      From now I will not feel bad as I only write for myself and for my readers.
      As you know you don’t feel good and sense of freedom when you cannot use the combination of your thought and pen altogether.

      I cannot restrict myself from that freedom and whatever I m doing I am enjoying along with all my readers appreciation as well.
      Trust me your appreciation and admiration keeps me going in full swing.

      Thanks for your stopping by and keep enriching my blog with your enriched words.

  13. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks…I will be happy if you visit my blog and say something http://twitter-guide-1.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Hanson,

      You must be knowing there is social plugin in website for share without permission.

      Why would I forbid you to do so as it is my pleasure.

  14. Your mode of explaining all in this piece of writing is genuinely nice, all be able to easily be aware of
    it, Thanks a lot.
    Gita recently posted…GitaMy Profile

    1. Hi Gita,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Your words is pills for me to grow more.
      Pleasured to see you in my blog and do keep coming dear.

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