1st Anniversary of Pensitdown

I am super excited to mention that my blog Pensitdown has completed one year. Various things are annoying my mind to allow bursting out through text.

pensitdownIt is a time of reflection of my little achievements and my accomplishments. I want to spark the day with by hitting the marks of personal and professional success, growth and happiness.

Guys, imagine how I am now deeply connected to my blog which is not only blog for me anymore. Pensitdown, I had started one year ago with the perception that I would achieve some height and make my own name out through my part i.e my blog. I believe somewhere that I have created my own space online through shouting my ideas, inspiration and my strength.

With every single day passed from 20 October 2013 to till today, I have sensed gradually growing closeness to deep closeness in me for my blog. I do not know how the closeness will capture my heart space in another next years to come.

How Blogging has changed my life

I was working on corporate but the ecstatic, name fame, healthy work culture and the exposure of my versatility I have gained through my blog. The increment in my confidence and in my self-esteem I got through blogosphere is commendable. Blogging has extracted my skill in better way. I positively consider it will give me more growth, more achievements and more fun also so that life will never be monotonous and uninspiring.

Bloggers wears literally lot of hats. I have learned various things over the last year like social media, writing, promotion and many things are here yet to learn.

Learning Experience

  • Post regularly with consistency.
  • Take a note on keywords and SEO.
  • Always step ahead to help the needy.
  • Work with silence so your success always shouts.
  • Do not spoil yourself in leading online life rather than focusing on your work.
  • Always aim to reach to height but not at the cost of misdeeds and dishonesty.
  • Maintain your good rapport with your fellow bloggers.

Frankly speaking, if you have to rise above little things then your work should be your foremost and best friend rather than your fellow bloggers or anybody. They are precious but your time is more precious.

Few Achievements

It is wonderful feeling to look back and want to take a look how much progress and growth has been made in a year. I am counting here my few blessings, which came in the way of blogging until now.

There have been around 7,000 comments and over 40 posts.

Alexa Global- 1,78,787

Alexa India- 19,084

Domain Authority- 25

Interviews- 4

1. Interview with Blogger Shiwangi

2. Interview with Shiwangi Shrivastava

3. Shiwangi Shrivastava Interview


Top female bloggers list- 4

Top 10 Indian Female Bloggers

Top 10 Professional Female Bloggers in India

Top 20 Upcoming Blogging Rockstars

Top 5 blogging women

There are many of the posts where I got featured  which I am not going to mention one by one.

One of my post List of top nine  Microblogging Sites came on first page in Google SERP.

Apart from this, my blog anniversary celebration is incomplete without their mention. Atish guide had been a great source of welfare for me. I am thankful to all blogging community who have always supported and boosted me with their likes, shares and comments for my post.

My Blog Anniversary has become impetus of announcement whatever I have achieved and there is lot more acknowledgment and consideration awaiting on my sleeves.

I am congratulating myself on my Blogiversary. Hope I have tons of fun and achievements in the future years.

 Happy Birthday Pensitdown



Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hii Shiwangi,

    At first, a warm and very very happy Anniversary of Pensitdown.

    Your hard work and dedication made Pensitdown.com a very valuable place on the web and hope you are go do lot more innovative things here. It’s really a great experience for me to connect with you and Pensitdown.

    Thank you so much Shiwangi and Happy Diwali in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Amit,

      Lovely to see you after long. Thanks a ton for your wishes.

      My pleasure to be connected with you and I am infact thankful to all blogging friends who have been very nice to me
      in my initial time and now even.

      The journey was smooth all because of the support I got from you all.

      Thanks fro being there for me. Keep coming..

  2. Happy Birthday Pensitdown….
    Where is my party????

    1. Hi Prakash,

      Thanks for the wishes.. Surely throw party when are you coming..

  3. Many Congratulations for the very first birthday of Pensitdown. I am close to what has happened since you have launched this blog. Achievements are good but I would suggest to be little more consistent, engage with your readers, Go out and comment over other blogs. They helps a lot.

    1. Hi Atish,

      I cant tell you in words you have changed my life. I never felt so one day my writing will be recognized and appreciated.

      Thanks a ton for giving me platform and I have to work, learn lot to make it perfect. Surely will act upon your advice.

      Keep coming..

  4. Congratulations for completing first successful year for your blog. Nice to know that you have learnt many things during this period. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the wishes. Yep I was so excited that I am going to share my ecstasy of compleating one year

      Lot more and more to grow. Keep coming..

  5. Happy Anniversary Shiwangi. Give this cake to me 😀

    1. Hey Anurag,

      Thank for your wishes. keep coming:)

  6. Hi Shiwangi,

    WOW!!!! you have spent one year in bloggersphere. Awesome….. you have got so many achievement in this time. And this is only because of your hard work. Each & Every newbie blogger will get an inspiration from your dedication towards blogging.

    CONGRATS For The 1st Anniversary of Pensitdown.,…..

    I wish that Pensitdown will get more success in near future as well.

    Happy Blogging and WIsh you a safe and happy Diwali in advance…..

    All the best…..


    1. Hi Swapnadip,

      Hey but frankly speaking I indulge in blogging carelessely. I do not do many stuff which is keeping me behind.

      Have to work on few stuff which I am avoiding these days. Your appreciation is encouraging me to do more well in blogosphere.
      I am still learner and have to make a mark.

      Lovely to see you hear in my blog. Keep coming to share your views.

      Happy Diwali and always stay blessed.

  7. Hello Shiwangi,

    Congratulation Shiwangi 🙂

    You get this result through a hardwork. I hope that you would do something interesting and innovative in your blogging carrer 🙂

    Minakshi Srivastava

    1. Hi Minakshi,

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your beautiful thoughts for me. I did not do any hard work
      but now thinking that I should take blogging seriously as I am getting acknowledgement for my work.

      Stay blessed and Happy Diwali..

  8. Hey Shiwangi

    Big congratulations and the moral of the story is that hard work and consistency must pay either sooner or later.
    The way you have been referred and featured at other blogs is your big achievement.

    The biggest success is that you passed the first year that is usually so challenging and quite demotivating most of the time. In this initial phase our blogging concepts get mature gradually.

    It is widely said passing first year blogging means now no one can stop you from becoming a pro blogger. So cheers on this huge success.

    1. Hi Muba,

      You made my morning with this nice and encouraging words. Thanks it will stay forever in my heart and soul.

      Truly speaking I did not work on my blog consistently yet and Atish always complains for the same.

      But the encouraging words from my fellow bloggers and most of the times getting acknowledgment and featured
      from others should make me more serious towards my work. I do not want to stop as I am loving all factors of blogging from
      work to get noticed everything.

      True accomplishing one year can be full of struggle without any acknowledgement but I am lucky enough to be featured.

      That is all because of blogging community and a healthy work culture.

      thanks for coming..Happy Diwali and stay blessed.

  9. I Guess its party time and congrats.

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the wishes…keep coming.

  10. Hello Madam Shiwnagi,

    The ‘Pen’ sitting down has indeed come to stay and one obviously needs to embrace himself for more because I can bet the 10th anniversary will be coming in no time.
    Congratulations to you not many blogs see even half of the year. I wish you all the best.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Your comment has been very endearing to me. You always come with different and touching words.

      Thanks for the wishes and ofcourse I will try my best to do well more in future.
      Keep coming and stay blessed..

  11. Congratulations for completing one year of blogging. I wish you all the best and hoping you to see writing more articles frequently.

    1. Hi John,

      Nice to see you after long. Thanks for the wishes. I will try to write regularly on my blog.

      Keep coming.

  12. Shiwangi ..
    Congo to your success… !!! one year of blogging interestingly a big achievement in the sense that blogging as the way it looks is a easy job but in reality its quite a tough one so thumbs up for that. Heartly congrates for your name on the list of top professional female bloggers…!!
    Most importantly i wanted to congratulate you because you are also one of those crazy youth whom i am very keen of following not just because of you having a good blog but also because of your style of writing which is quite impressively has a sign of quality than quantity..!! keep rocking and keep trending…!!!! All I will say is ‘All the best’.!!!

    1. Hey Bibek,

      Thanks for the wishes indeed and for the first time comment over to my blog and bewildered me with your hearty compliments.

      I take it positively and will improve myself more where I lack and so that I can get more appreciation for my work.
      I need to and I have to rock to make you rock and lot more to come in pensitdown.

      Thanks for coming and do always enrich my blog with your words.

      1. Hey Shiwangi..
        One more thing I am really very keen of telling you is about your domain name… I mean Your domain name is simply cool and impressive at the same time … i can’t ever thought of the best name of any blog that You are having… Simply great Domain name …!!

        1. Thanks Indeed again. This is wonderful to know from you that you find my domain name attractive and I feel the same.

          Stay blessed. Keep coming to share your views..

  13. Hai, Shiwangi.
    First, congrats for completing one year online. I think blogging is a kind of new generation job. There is no one to control us and no one to be controlled. You created your own identity online by totally your consistent hard work and perspiration. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. Keep going. Best wishes my friend

    1. Hi Sanjay,

      Your heartfelt wishes is amazing and I really want to stay with blogging as I am enjoying every bit of it.

      Yep I need to go so high and nothing has been achieved yet. Thanks and I hope you to doing great as well.

      Keep coming.

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