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What I have learnt from my blogging career and what next for 2014

2013 vanish somewhere only stored in your memory but can you steal it back in your living. No dear. Nothing was planned in 2013, life was driving me as it wanted to. Similarly I never ...

How to deal with family along with blogging

Blogging is in itself is a very challenging job. It comes across endless set of sequences of work altogether. One layer you accomplish other is ready for you. Sometimes I feel I am ...

Why working from home is better option for Housewives

Before I get into my post I would like to say thanks to Atish brother for serving in my plate my choice, my mindset i.e the topic of the post. Yes, I am given a topic by Atish for the ...

How to Play Around Money from Content Writing

There are several income generating way online that promise to make you successful with handsome penny. Now a days are the days of media and the web, in short you can say the world ...

Candy Crush- Steal you from yourself

Hello friends, I am back with hot favourite topic Candy Crush. I had in my mind a month back that I have to pen my thought over the smashly popular game. Three or four months ago I ...

How car plays vital role in our lives

Many automobile companies try to promote their products because they know the market value and demands of it. There has been loads of automotive news. You can see these cars most of ...

Karwa Chouth

In this franatic life a festival is occasion of enjoyment and celebration. It strengthen the bond of relationship. It offers a welcome break from the daily monotonous routine life. Among ...
Why I choose blogging

Why I choose blogging as my career

About three or four years ago, I was working with one of the leading companies  Muthoot Group. But when I got to know that I was expecting then I did not think even twice to give ...

Welcome To Pensitdown

Welcome to www.pensitdown.com. This is my first blog. Writing for my blog post entirely new experience for me. I apprehend like other newbies what to write in my post. Will it work ...
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